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Jayso Is Loosing His ‘Cool’ On Social Media

Ghanaian Hiphop artist; Jayso has been seen multiple times trying to explain that, the song “Bossy” by Sarkodie which featured him wasn’t a diss song to EL. This was after the release of “PREACH” which got people questioning his anger at Manifest.

After the release of “god MC” which made Jayso release “Preach“, some issues started erupting which saw many people tagging Jayso as a “Sell Out” or picking sides. According to Jayso, the song “Bossy” wasn’t a diss track to EL; and anyone who thinks otherwise, expected that and thrive on controversies… He wrote this on Facebook…

He wrote and I quote… “Those saying Sark dissed EL & M. on ‪#‎Bossy‬ are saying that because that’s exactly what they want out of it. Y’all thrive on controversies.” …. This means all the things Sarkodie said in “Bossy” were addressed to imaginary figures and not to EL and others… Sarkodie rapped in Akan language which majority of Ghanaians understand perfectly; and he has more creative topics to put in his songs than attacking rappers who doesn’t exist.

Jayso‘s Followers (Fans) disagreed with these claims and told him he is taking on sides and painting Manifest black for nothing. He went on to make series of posts and they read… “Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it?” – Shawn Corey Carter #‎PREACH‬” and “These new GH hiphop experts crack me up. You wanna break down my lyrics when u think I made the Preach beat?” and finally “Use insults/foul language on my page and get banned.

I think each time he makes a post, the response gets worse and he is gradually loosing his ‘Cool’ on the whole issue… I pray he doesn’t loose control and start insulting his followers as well… This whole thing gets confusing day by day, and I think Jayso is making it more complicated. The song “Bossy” was a mixture of personal issues and the usual music beef vibes.

The song “god MC” was pure lyrical attack and nothing personal was attached to it. “Kanta” as usual had lots of humour and anger mixed together… But Jayso‘s “PREACH” was very personal and addressed some issues we shouldn’t have heard if he claims Manifest is his friend. On the other hand, Manifest is a smart MC and if he smells foul play, he will definitely make you know he is not dumb. All I’m trying to say is, Jayso‘s hands are not clean and I think he made some moves his peers doesn’t like as well. Trying to make the public think nothing is going on, is not the best way to play an ANGEL.

He must stop getting emotional and tell us what we don’t know. I bet he couldn’t reply Ian Jazzy‘s diss because, he can’t afford stepping on a wounded lion’s tail. Ian Jazzi dared him to make a move and he will regret it for the rest of his life. If he is clean, then we await a reply to Ian Jazzi… Below are the songs playing major roles in the whole beef thing.






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