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This is What Sarkodie’s ‘Bossy’ Video Mean To Us.

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Multiple Award-Winning rapper; Sarkodie, released a music video for his single ‘Bossy’ which featured Jay-So about a week ago. As usual, the Internet went haywire and people began to read their meaning into it.

The Loud Sound Ghana team decided to take another look at the video to see how best we can translate those visuals. The lyrics for this song had its own story and enough reason for people to pin some artists to them. Assumptions may be true or coincidental; but above all, we believe everyone has his/her own reasons for their “verdicts”.

We think the video even spoke louder than the lyrics. Because we have no prove that, these lyrics are directed to a specific artist(s), we will do our best not to mention names here. Secondly, whatever we write about this video, is our own point of view and we have not heard Sarkodie or anyone from his team explain this anywhere. Once again, this is strictly from us and we do not intend to degrade any race, culture or believe…

Now that we have made ourselves clear, let’s get back to the video… In the beginning we saw a group of Chinese men approaching Sarkodie. They did not speak to him directly; but spoke through a translator… They said “The Money Is Ready” and were about to hand it over when another “shorter” Chinese man started saying “He ain’t sh*t” with an aggressive tone…

This is what the whole Chinese scene means to us… In Ghana, anything with the name “China” attached will mean “Not Original” or “Imitation”… Apparently, the person saying “He ain’t sh*t” is not even original. In a nut shell, whilst others (Non Original) are trying to negotiate with him, the smallest one among is the one bragging the most…

Later, the video took us 4 hours back to witness what happened before the first scene… That scene was basically about a fight that happened between 2 parties. The strange thing about this fight is that, the guy who looks taller and well built with tattoos, had a “dismantled” face even before a punch was thrown.

From this scene, what we think it was trying to demonstrate is that, those artists trying to attack him are already beaten or defeated even before they show up. The well built and tall fighter was defeated by Knock Out even though he had a lot of “loud mouths” supporting him and believed in him…

These were the 2 major scenes in the video and these are our projections. The rest of the scenes shows some of the “Bossy” features and putting Sarkodie in his rap mood… If you have anything to add, or if you disagree with anything, tell us inside the comment box. Watch the video once again below…

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