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Flowking Stone Is “Rap”; and Ghanaians Know This.

Rap music in Ghana gets interesting by the day… If you run a poll to ask who are the most talented rappers in Ghana, you wont get more than 10 names mentioned.

Flowking Stone will definitely be among the top 5 rappers in Ghana. Every Ghanaian can testify that, he is very good at putting words together and carefully weaving them to present a mind-blowing piece! During the BRADEZ era, Flowking Stone‘s rap was mainly commercial and purposely made for the dancefloor. When he re-appeared in the scene as a solo artist, he came out of his shells and has since then exhibited his versatility in various ways.

The truth is, Ghanaians know Flowking Stone is a “Wordsmith” even though many have said his lyrics are above the Ghanaian commercial level. He usually blends his style with lots of elements known to exist in the rap world. From observations and listening to the masses, they know he is a good rapper but he is not giving them the chance to easily learn his rap lines and rap along.

However songs like “Mekyea Kyea” and “Go Low” are on the lips of people just because it was more commercial and quite easy to sing and rap along. One thing about Ghanaians is that, if you don’t give them what they expect from you, they wont praise anything else you put out there no matter how creative you are with the delivery.

The second issue is that, anything he releases are forced to connect to Sarkodie which is very wrong. Fans of both artists have succeeded in creating a virtual conflict between the two artists which is I personally think is not right. Music “beefs” are healthy but it must be created strategically and must be fueled by the artists and not the fans. Because many people feel like there are tension between the 2 artists, anything released from one side is considered to be related to the other.

I think these thoughts or perceptions are blinding us not to get the real messages being put across. The fact remains the same whether we refuse to accept it or not. We know Flowking Stone is a talented rapper who is focused on using his talent to tell a story to the world. Those of us paying attention and clearing our minds off “Rivalry” are enjoying every bit of his creativity appreciate his talent. Let’s judge our artists but not because we FEEL he is at war with our favourite artists.

If you are a Ghanaian and you have cleared all Rivalry thoughts before listening to Flowking Stone and you think he is not a good rapper, please tell us your reasons in the comments box. (NO INSULTS PLEASE). If you think Flowking Stone is equally a good rapper just like your favourite artist, share this! We know so let’s not pretend…

Flowking Stone

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