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Those Bloggers Misquoted Me :- Medikal

Just a couple of days ago, there have been some articles flying around which say Ghana’s freshest rap star; Medikal, has said in an interview that none of the Kumasi artists are his favorite.

Upon seeing this, the young star cleared the air with a Facebook post. He wrote of his verified Facebook page and I quote…

I spotted an article saying “No Kumasi Rapper is My Favourite ” like yo, I never said anything like this. I never knew there were regional Rappers. We are all in one Country trying to do Good music and take Ghana Music Far. That’s the aim. I only mimicked my favourite Rappers in Ghana. We should push Ghana Music far, and ignore creating confusion between artists and all. When we get there you get there. Real relations only.

Ghana’s biggest platform for upcoming artists; Loud Sound Ghana, contacted Medikal for him to tell us what exactly he said in the interview… He told us that, the song ‘Connect‘ was made to celebrate his favorite artists and not rappers in a particular region in the country.

He went on by saying those 7 rappers he imitated are not the only rappers who are good at what they do. Names like Manifest, Gemini, Tee Phlow, Mugeez, Dr. Cryme, and a whole lot of them are also based in the capital and good at what they do. “Just like anyone else, I also have my favorite artists and that does not mean others are “wack” or I don’t appreciate their music

The most painful part of this whole thing is that, those bloggers making the most noise about the fabricated story do not have any of my songs on their websites. This tells me they are only looking for something negative to say about people.Medikal added.

He also said he is only focused on doing music for his fans and not interested in any publicity stunt if that was part of their intention. He will take this opportunity to say he respects every talent in Ghana and he will never rate any rapper according to the region he comes from.

Dear readers, do you think this silly and fabricated story may have a positive impact on Medikal or it will just draw haters on him? Do you believe Ghanaian bloggers are more interested in negative news than pushing the upcoming? Tell us what you think about this whole thing.

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