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5 Tricks To Build A Loyal Fan-base On Social Media

There are lots of tricks or practices used by many top-rated artists to build a strong fan-base on social media. Have you ever wondered why a fan will defend his favorite artist in just any argument? You may think they are crazy right? No, they are not; they just feel attached to the artist.

One thing you should know is that, no one gets paid for being a fan and they are equally human as anyone else on this planet. But what makes them dedicate their energy and even sometimes ready to pay money just to watch their favorite artists perform? Well, I have asked myself this question so many times and this is what I found out….

Respect For Fans: If you are a music artist and you have the impression that your fans are just “fans” so you will pull an attitude on them, remember they got attitude too. They will just stop being your fans and become stalkers watching closely to see you fall.

Some of these people you see as “fans” live a very comfortable life. They are well-to-do and “worshiped” in their various homes as well. No matter who your fan maybe, treat everybody with respect. Let everybody feel they mean something to you and don’t be picky to reply comments on Facebook or retweet on twitter based on profile picture or profile status.

Don’t Be An Opportunist: Once again, I want to remind you that, your fans are humans as you are and they approach issues just as anyone else will. Do not make your fans feel like they are a “fueling Hub” for your success.

If someone scrolls through your page and all the see are links with captions like “Click here to download/buy my songs now!” , “Lets win this award! Click on the Link To Vote and SHARE NOW!” , “Subscribe to this Network and stream my songs” etc etc without a single status saying “Good Morning” or any motivational quote, then I’m sorry you are far from building a loyal fan-base.

Build loyal fan baseHow You Address Your Fans: This may sound weird to most people but believe it or not, it’s the reality! Your fans know they are “fans”; but when you address them by the title “fans”, it clearly shows that, you have drawn the barrier between you and them. Meaning they are fans that is the end of the story.

Having a special way of addressing your fans, sends a much better and comfortable signal to them. Examples of such titles used by most of the mainstream artists are SarkNation, Bhim Nation, Eliens, Dadabees Empire, Shatta Movement, High Grade Family, Akwa Nation, AMG, and so on… This gets your fans closer to you and they will forever be proud to represent these names anywhere they go!

Build loyal fan baseInteract With Your Fans: When I say interact with your fans, it does not end on Twitter retweets and Facebook “LIKES”. You need to be more “Conversational“. You can reply comments on your Facebook page, Quote or reply tweets relating to you, and answer questions thrown at you no matter how lame they may sound.

You don’t have to do this regularly; but once in a while, you can set aside some 30 minutes or an hour to reply some of the fans including the old tweets you think is not too late to answer. Following back some of the most active ones on twitter is an awesome move. Make them know they are following someone who can dedicate some time for them.

Build loyal fan basePut Your Fans Above The Priority List: Without fans, you are nobody… That’s the sad truth. If you do a song or say something and you realize your fans are unhappy about it, please take it back or promise them something better next time.

When you have something new to release, they should be the first people to know about it even before a press release is issued. You know how they will boast in public right? “He even told us yesterday before I saw it on websites“… Make them proud and they will stay loyal to you.

Above mentioned tricks work in one way or the other; but if you can make time to meet some of the most active fans in person to chat, take pictures, honor their invitations to important events such as graduations or birthday parties even for 10 minutes (IF POSSIBLE), that will make you a god to them.

Respect your fans, pay attention to them and let them guide you on what to do… You can never become the most talked about artist if you don’t have loyal fans. Digest this and please leave your comments below with some tips you know as well…

Written by Mr. Aborga ( Loudsoundgh.com )

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