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Afro Moses On Music, GHAMRO, Sarkodie, Shatta Wale and More…

Radio personality, Mr EL of Pluzz FM hosted a Ghanaian music legend; Afro Moses on his midmorning show called “BRUNCH PLUZZ“. He has introduced a new segment on the show called “Blast From The Past“; designed to celebrate Ghanaian music legends once in every month…

Popular Ghanaian international star; Ernest Sarfo Baidoo known as Afro Moses in the music world, is the first to be featured on the “Blast From The Past” segment. Afro Moses released songs like “Makola Market“, “Hey Police“, “Chooboi” and many others which are still making waves internationally and making endless rotations on the Ghanaian national Television.

When asked when music started for him, he revealed that at the age of 5, he used to gather can tins from the refuse bin and use them as musical instruments. He did this with the help of his “squad” which he was the leader… But at the age of 7, he performed at a funeral and right after the performance he envisioned performing in front of a large crowd made up of only white people. He narrated what he saw to his mother and she assured him that “It Shall Come To Pass“…

For those of you who may not know about the “Afro Moses sandals”, this is the man that inspired the name for that sandals. He confirmed the sandals was named after him during the time he was in a theater group and played little Moses in a play titled “The 10 Commandments“.

He said Mr. Kwabena Yeboah was the organizer of those stage plays back in the days. He always wore the sandals and had his Afro hair whilst playing that role. People started calling him “The Moses With An Afro”… The sandals became something that is always connected with him and that sandals ended up inheriting “Afro Moses” as its original name.

Afro Moses
Photo Credit: Emma Jacobs

Afro Moses can play about 14 instruments and said that is probably why he stands out and appreciated by many music lovers who appreciate African music. Touching on the kind of music genre he does, he called it “Si Ma Me Nsa” which will mean you can’t resist when the music drops. He went further to say it is similar to what is called “Afro Pop” now.

Talking about artists he would like to work with and if he would like to change his genre to the latest trend, he revealed he is willing to work with any artist; but Reggie Rockstone, Sarkodie and Shatta Wale will be a good start.

He also confessed Sarkodie is at the top now and he thinks he is the best in the country at the moment. About changing his music genre, he said that wont happen, but rather looking at modernizing it a bit because times are changing.

Afro Moses left Ghana in 1986 to Denmark for a cultural exchange program after releasing great songs Ghanaians couldn’t stop dancing to. He got more popular in Europe and very well appreciated by the white folks who are yearning to hear something different from the usual.

He also spoke about issues he is having with GHAMRO concerning his royalties. Just like many other Ghanaian artists, Afro Moses revealed he hasn’t received any royalties from GHAMRO even though the national television has been making good use of his songs all these years. He recalled he received a cheque of 100 GHC (Equivalent to 23 Euros) from GHAMRO 4 years ago; but hasn’t cashed that cheque yet.

On the issue on Branding, the music legend said “Packaging” ones self well is the biggest step to take and artists should fall in love with Live performances and reduce the miming. He said even though some of the western artists still mime their songs on stage, he will encourage Ghanaian artists to stay away from it. “African Music Sounds Better With Live Music” he added. He also encouraged artists to get the right management and the rest will follow at its right pace.

Afro Moses said he thinks Ghana music is growing and he will rate the growth 7 out of 10. He thinks more has to be done; especially on the part of GHAMRO to ensure artists earn from their hard work and wont have to die poor.  He also suggested they should form a union and look for radio stations which will play songs from upcoming artists or artists who do not have funds to promote their music.

Afro Moses, who has once won the GMA’s said he thinks Shatta Wale and the organizers of the VGMA should reach a compromise and sort things out amicably. He is not in any position to stand in for Shatta Wale or the organizers of VGMA. He respects both of them and respects their decisions and opinions as well. “If Shatta Wale thinks he is at fault, he should just apologize and bring unity. But if he thinks he is right, then he doesn’t have to” He concluded.

His finally said he wants artists to stay positive and unite. That is the only way Ghana music can grow bigger.

Keep your eyes on this space for the next legend to be featured on “Blast From The Past”. Before then, check out the music video for “CHOOBOI” below…

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