Shatta Wale’s ‘Story To Tell’ Music Video Is The Realest!

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Ghanaian dancehall “Bad Boy” Shatta Wale, promised his fans more music videos this year; and so far, we have seen 2 music videos from him. The first one which was released about a week ago, is for the song “Kill Them With Prayers” (Click here to watch) That video had some thought-provoking scenes which got me puzzled even as I write this short review.

The new music video is totally off the hook! Sometimes you don’t need effects or camera tricks to make a great video… How the story is narrated in simple visuals, adds more value to the video. The music video which is titled “Story To Tell” was directed by the young creative and inventive director; Prince Dovlo.

The concept is one of the best I have seen this year! One thing about this music video is that, you can’t predict what will happen next. Even if you do, your guess will be wrong! The video depicted his struggle before fame, which shows a scenario where you see Shatta Wale caught up in a situation I can describe as the most “Miserable” stage of life.

He acted so perfectly making every scene look as real as it can. The location for the video shoot looks more like a remote area with very little access to the “LIVE” world. This tells me he is encouraging the youth to stay focus and know that no matter where you may be, things can change for the best.

I was expecting the video to end on a happy note; maybe winning lotto or inking a record deal, but none of that happened. Instead, the story remains the same while he gave the youth a small piece of advice. What this video means to me is, success doesn’t come so easily. It requires patience, hope and believe to achieve it. Kudos to Prince Dovlo for this one in a million concept! Check out the video below…