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The Big 6 Rappers To Rule 2016 If The Industry Ain’t Bias

As a music blogger, I have spent some time monitoring few artists by looking closely at their performances, Lyrical dexterity, worthy contents, passion towards the art, and most of all their consistency.

These artists made their way through where I will classify as the “Mid-Mainstream” without any sort of media hype or what I will call “Mainstream endorsement”… Mainstream endorsement according to my definition is when a celebrated artist constantly endorse another artist and urge his or her fans to support them.

Without beating around the bush, let me present to you the big 6 rappers who has the potential to wow music lovers any time and any day… These are the lists in no particular order…

TeephlowTeephlow: This is a rapper who has grown to become one of the best in the music scene. It is true he got fully developed after joining the Last 2 Music group; but the fact is, Teephlow had the passion for music and was totally ready to unleash his talent, but lacked proper steering or direction.

Basically, that is what Hammer of the Last 2 Music Group has worked on, and it came out successful! If you watch closely, Teephlow isn’t hyped even though Hammer could join strings and make that happen with a snap of a finger. His talent is the only hype he got and I think we can all bear witness to this.

He is not only limited to the stylish rap he pours out in the recording booth; but also mastered the art of movement and “mimicking” his lyrics through gestures when he gets on stage. I call him “The French Man” because of his fascinating costume when he is ready for the stage. Watch him sweep Ghana off its feet this year!

Koo NtakraKoo Ntakra: This young man has done what I will describe as the impossible last year. It took him a while to pick up after winning the MTN Hitmaker, but with the help of his new management headed by Mr. Papa Quasy Abakah, Koo Ntakra was able to release an Album, music Videos and toured few cities which was headlined by him.

It’s almost impossible for an “Upcoming” artist to organize a show and see that impressive amount of attendance. To me, I think the industry is not being fair to him because, he has done beyond what an artist at his level could possibly do. I have almost lost count of the songs he released, not to talk about those he got featured on.

I have the feeling Koo Ntakra might be fully accepted into the mainstream this year and will allow him to be able to challenge himself even more and rub shoulders with the stars. This kid is underrated at all levels and I think its about time Ghana music experience some new voices and refreshing contents… This is the year he must be appreciated!

Flowking stoneFlowking Stone: I was contemplating if I should add Flowking Stone to this list… He is not a new face in the music scene but somehow, we could add him to list because he came back into the scene as Flowking Stone and not BRADEZ. Since his brother Kunta Kinte got sick, the award winning duo nearly faded out as a result of inconsistency…

Flowking Stone stood on his feet as a stand-alone artist to keep the brand alive and to compensate the thousands of fans worldwide with what they have been missing all these while… Flowking Stone started releasing singles from his “Gifted” Album, and each single goes viral anytime its released. This shows how eager the fans were to hear something from the duo…

He released some music videos to support the singles as well… Some of my favorites are “Mekyea Kyea” and “Fire Bon Dem” which are still trending online and on radio/TV stations nationwide. The “Fire Bon Dem” remix which will feature Sarkodie and Shatta Wale, is one power collaboration Ghanaians are hoping to hear this year…

Basically, Flowking Stone has resurrected the Bradez brand and built a stronger foundation in 2015. Kunta Kinte is expected to join up this year to get the dream moving once again! This is going to be an awesome year for the Bradez since its obvious they are ready to continue the legacy… His Lyrical dexterity is nothing we should argue about now… We know who the Flow KING is!!

Keep your eyes on this space for the remaining 3 artists who are expected to dominate the music scene this year according to our observations… You can leave your comments or give names of artists you think could be in the BIG 6 list as well…


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