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Who Is Killing The Showbiz? Organizers or Programs Managers?

Opinion Written by DJ ALBERTO DE1

There are many entertainment shows in the showbiz industry in Ghana and across the world. Many reality shows bring out the very best in our talented ones; which I think is awesome but needs more input.

These shows somehow reveal talents to the world but the question that stays unsolved is ‘What Happens After The TV and Radio Hype, people voting, etc’? Are these contestants really ready to breakthrough as they claim he or she is according to the judges of the show?

Sometimes I wonder why day in day out new shows or programs are coming on our television and also on our various radio stations all in the name of “Talent Hunt” but none of these show organizers think about where these talents will be heading after the show. We see lots of the talents but in reality, the real talented ones never get to win these reality shows. I can boldly say there is always some sort of conspiracy or bribery during these competitions.

In this world no body does anything for free. This is because the thing you know its free have its own benefit in some way. So why don’t you charge the person rather. Many audiences always say that organizers always sell or sold awards here in Ghana. Whether is true or not only the buyer and the seller knows.

Been in the showbiz industry for a while, what I have notice is that, the most hype ones are rather the most wack ones. The people who should do this works will rather engage themselves in collecting something from these wack ones and hype them to the world while the most real ones will be in the doom because they cant pay for that platform or hype. How can an artist pay to perform on someone’s show?

Its too bad here in Ghana but all those in the showbiz knows what is going but they will rather sit there and keep mute because of the small amount he or she will receive from so called show organizers. Some artist managers also pay to some show organizers not to put some artist on their shows while they rather want their very own artist to perform. Some artist managers or producers sometimes pay to some Dj’s not to even play some other artist track. My co – Dj’s can testify about this.

Programs managers and event’s organizers are really doing massive work to promote the showbiz in Ghana but they should focus more on the real talented ones and stop hyping the wack ones they always put them on their bill.





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