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Be Proud to Buy an Album – B.O Writes

Growing up, I had this young uncle called Pallas and he had dozens of cassettes packed nicely beside the small amplifier in the boys boys room. In the 90’s when a song breaks through, the whole album sells because there was nothing like getting the single only. It was either you buy the album or listen to it on radio which the Djs would gladly interrupt every time.

We had all albums from Obrafour, Lord Kenya, Akyeame, Tic-Tac, Obour, and others. Before writing this, I asked Pallas about how he felt when he bought all those albums. He said “I love music and I admire artistes who do it well so if your works are amazing I would be proud to buy one. That is my way of showing them how thankful I am for rocking my world with their music”. Well said, right?

We all have artistes we listen to. The reason why you love to listen to that particular music artist is that he understands you. He knows the kind of stories you relate to. He has captured your heart whether you see it that way or not. Listening to his music is like having a therapy session to release the stress on you. So what will you do when you get better?

You would show appreciation by paying the therapist for his service. Music makes the world a better place to live in, looking at the madness going on around us these times. Show your appreciation to the music artist by buying his album, attending his shows. These would motivate your favorite artists to do more and come out with great music because they have loyal fans to provide for and keep at the same time.

Few music artists like, Sarkodie, EL, Edem, Manifest, and others put out albums for sale these days. All the names above are big music artists and they have their big fan base but they don’t sell that many copies expected. Looking at this scenario, I would say even the big music artists in Ghana have small loyal fan base who actually loves their works.

Before Sarkodie released his third studio album “Sarkology”, I asked some few friends in the hood who listen to Sark every day if they were gonna buy the album. Each time the answers begin with “Oh beh u” and follows with “It will be available on the internet so I will get to download it for free”. How are you a loyal fan if you can’t even buy your favorite artist’s album. I hope you get my point…

I always tell people to buy an album and be proud of buying it. If an artiste puts out an album, not all the songs would be commercial-like to be played on air. Other songs on the album are for the loyal fans because every artiste would want his fans to know him well.

And this is through the other songs which he will probably rap or sing about; his life stories and other deep subjects. It isn’t an easy job to put out an album, so every artiste feels super proud if he’s able to. How much more the fans whom the album was made for. Be a loyal fan and show appreciation by buying an album. Be proud to be an owner of your favorite artist’s album. Bless!

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