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B.O Writes: Respect the Music Artist

This is the pilot column for B.O Writes and since I’m a music artist, this is the topic I will start with. Thanks to Mr Aborga and the LoudSoundGh team for this opportunity.

Respect the music artist. An event organizer plans an event and comes up with the budget. He would pay for the sound system, venue, advertisement (flyers, radio, tv), street team, mainstream acts and he would leave out the upcoming acts. Meanwhile, the upcoming acts fill up that time from the beginning of the event till the late hour the mainstream artists come to end it all.

They keep your events alive but you don’t pay them, and you tell them you are giving them a platform for exposure. What exposure are you talking about here my friend? That seven to ten minutes on the stage carries no exposure and it’s just a waste of time if you ask me. The attendants would even forget the songs and performances from the upcoming artists before the end of the event.

Besides, being a musician isn’t a joke, it is a job most of us intend to do. How would you feel if someone decides not to pay you after you have spent much energy on the work he asked you to do? It just doesn’t make sense, respect yourself and respect the music artist.

Respect the music artist. These days, everyone is doing music. I don’t have anything against many people trying to be part of the music world. Music is a beautiful thing to make if you learn to understand it. How would you feel in a decade from now when your songs are still being played? This is how you should think before you make a record. Don’t take music for granted because it’s probably cheap for you to afford and make as many as you want. It is a job for some of us so respect it.

When I discovered my rap talent, I was determined to learn more to know more so that I would be the best. There’s nothing more interesting than doing music and doing it really well. There’s more to being a music artist than just going to the studio to record any stupid song just because of a hit.

Take your time and master the craft before you decide to go public with it. And please, if music isn’t in your blood don’t force it because it isn’t like football that you can learn with a lot of training. Music is God’s gift to humans that he plants in some special people no matter how they grow up to be. Respect the music artist.

Respect the music artist. Like I said, most of the so-called upcoming musicians are just doing this music for fun and honestly, I don’t like it but we live in a free world so anyone can do what he wishes to do. To my fellow upcoming music artists who are really doing music as a job, if someone wants to put you on his song, make sure to listen to his songs first. Find out if he’s professional enough to make a song with. Charge him because it’s your job but if you wanna do it for free that’s your choice.

Errrmm…. please don’t charge your homies. Don’t give them the “Talk to my manager” crap. No matter how professional you are, there are people that you would have to do things for, freely. We all know professionalism have limits.

Respect yourself and respect the music artist. Might come your way with more ways on how to respect the music artist like we just did. And please note that everything you read here is just our opinion.

Thank you for reading the pilot column for B.O Writes .. #TBOT

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