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Where Are Our Hip-Life Manners? Can Anyone Tell Me?

Where are our HipLife manners? The promising future we foresaw seems to fade away as we got closer… Its sad to know we built a foundation on quick sands which could not hold the magnitude we we made space for. When was the diminishing point? Did we not see it when it sunk halfway? Go back into time and look through the historic telescope. The same one that brought us unimaginable excitement any time we take a peep.

Back in the days, HipLife was a way of life, the voice of the society and a powerful tool to console the hopeless and to transform and direct the clueless. The explicit sides were carefully and creatively censored. Such valuable messages… A genre that took our eyes off violence and made “yoyo” look cool and accepted. Songs our parents listened to and sang along as well. Are they still listening now? Oh wait… There is nothing to listen now… I cant feel the HipLife. Can you?

Where are our HipLife manners? When we used to preach customary marriage before s*x, hard work before enjoyment, giving each other helping hands, being patriotic and loving who we are. It’s obvious we lost our HipLife manners challe. Now we hear different stories… One-night stand makes you a pro, Hit and run is the ish, getting too much money by “fishy” means and blowing it on flashy things makes you a better person, boasting of who is rich and who is not, etc… Oh snap!!! I almost forgot… That is sure not HipLife talking!

Where are our HipLife manners challe? Those unique instruments that could make a sick person forget about his or her pains… You hear intro voices like “Ghanafour mo mbra mbetie… Ndwom foforo bi apue… Wei dier wo y3 Akatekyie Jama wo fri ahen fie” And you know a spiritual session is about to take place… Who doesn’t sing along or start jumping even before the first instrument plays? Gaddamn!!! Where the hell are our HipLife manners??!!

HipLife told us “Komi k3 Kena” is the best… HipLife told us being broke should not stop you from enjoying the beautiful things in life. HipLife told us to believe in our culture. HipLife spoke about all the social vices and most of all, HipLife gave us a good laugh!

We lost our HipLife manners because our ego grew bigger. The unnecessary search for foreign messages grew bigger. Making money became the main reason why people do music, and last but not the least, we disrespected what defines us. Salutes to all the artists who can boldly say “I do HipLife”… There are few of them out there who still got the HipLife manners. For all I know, HipLife will re-gain independence from this colonial rule. I got my HipLife manners… Do you?

Source: Alfred Aborga ( www.LoudSoundGH.com )

Alfred Aborga

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