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Facebook Fanpage Tricks Upcoming Artists Must Know

Music in Ghana is growing at a very fast rate and it has brought in lots of diverse talents from all corners of the country. Its the same way the game has changed over the years in regards to the productions and promotion of songs through Facebook and other social media platforms.

Thanks to social media, getting your songs to the masses isn’t really a big struggle any more; But when these songs are not well promoted, artists may still have that “fantasized” success which eventually makes them feel popular even when they are not…

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks have become very useful  tools when it comes to promoting artists and their songs. These platforms are widely used by almost everyone for varieties of promo and are not limited to the entertainment industry.

These days, building your fan-base through social media platforms eventually grow to become “Real Life” fans rather than electronic or internet fans. Most upcoming artists measure the success of their career through some simple features these social media platforms have. The Facebook “LIKE” especially in the eyes of many upcoming artists means success.

This is not always the case since many Facebook users are only addicted to the “LIKE” button; and they will hit the “LIKE” button because they see others doing same. Research shows that, its not everybody that clicks “LIKE” actually click links attached to those posts. the sad truth is; posts with few likes tends to have more user engagements… Artists must not depend on “LIKES” as potential Fans… Reach out to real people and ask people to engage with your posts rather than asking them to “LIKE” it.

Meanwhile, these are some of the things we recommend artists to do if they want to build a strong Fan-base… The first step is to promote your page… Facebook made the promoting of pages very easy and it starts as low as 1 dollar to any amount you wish to spend in a day. Dont forget that the lower the daily spending limit, the smaller the results… Some Ghanaian banks issue credit cards or prepaid cards which you can use for these services. There are also Facebook gifts cards which you can buy to successfully do this. PLEASE ignore using stolen credit cards since that could hurt you when the law grabs you and it goes a long way to destroy your image as an artist.

The second trick is making good use of your huge amount of Facebook friends (Your Normal Facebook profile)… When you have something interesting to share; like Freestyles videos or anything that you think attracts more reactions on your normal page, start posting them on your Fanpage and share on your wall. It will drive some of your friends there. If any of them share these posts and their friends find them interesting, be rest assured they are going to like your Fanpage so they can see more.

The next step is, make sure you don’t post the same thing over and over again on your Fanpage. When a new or potential Fan happens to land on your Facebook Fan-page and start scrolling through but sees nothing but the same post all over, he or she may not scroll further and may probably not “LIKE” the page because, no one wants to get multiple notifications about the same thing.

The last tip for today does not work out of the box. It needs time, dedication and consistency… Try as much as you can to interact with your Fans. Try to update them on everything you do. Poor grammar, spelling mistakes and short-hands are serious “put-offs”. Let someone cross check what you are about to post. Posts that are made with pictures get more reactions than the ones with only texts…

Arrange for a photo shoot and share them once in a while. When the reactions are improving, ask their opinions about something you want to do. It maybe a new song you are about to release, a trailer for your new video or your dress code for an event. Communicating with your Fans is the most important thing and they will love you for it.

Know that if someone likes a Page of an artist, that person is there because of you. With blogs, people like the page just because of a particular artist or some artists. Only few people like a blog fan-page because they want to follow all the activities of the blog. Make good use of the Facebook Fan-page and start building your future fan-base from there…

Your comments, suggestions and opinions are most welcome…

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