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Get Familiar With YungSpecz a Rapper & CEO of Pagez Music

An upcoming Ghanaian rapper who goes by the name Nana Yaw Asiedu Amponsah but known in the music world as YungSpecz granted us an interview per our request and we decided to put a few questions to him for us and the world to get to know him better and discover his humble contribution to the Ghanaian music scene as an upcoming artist and the C.E.O. of a music clan known as Pagez Music. Take a moment and get familiar with this upcoming artist…

LSGH: I want to start off by asking you about the kind of music you do as in the Genre and why you got so attached to this genre?

YungSpecz: I do hip hop and hiplife but am more attached to Hip-Hop cos I like rap music. When I wake up in the morning all that I do is listen to Drake or Nas. Rap music is made for blacks, and am here to stay and promote hiphop so basically I do hiphop.

LSGH: How long have you been doing music and how many songs do you have out now?

YungSpecz: Well, am in my 4th year. I started music in 2011,  I was in my second year in Ghanata Senior high by then. My first music was recorded in my cousin’s home studio. It was freestyle though but Challe, it was my first time so it wasn’t that dope.  When I started music I was like ” am doing this for fun” but now am in for business. The studio is my second home now, if you don’t see me in class studying then you have to come to any studio nearby.

LSGH: We know about your music clan “Pagez Music”… How many artists are with you in this movement and can you mention them if possible?

YungSpecz: We were four when we started but we just added another artist called “De Iva”. So currently, we are 5. (Pley, Frizze, Subjee, De Iva and I). Its a clan, not a family. We want to expand the clan. Probably divert to an empire. Its all a matter of time.

LSGH: What is the primary aim of the “Pagez Muzik” and what steps have you taken so far towards this?

YungSpecz: Our primary aim is to create an empire that can support upcoming artistes. People don’t believe we are unsigned artists just because of the way we brand ourselves. We were only 4 when we started but we are now 5 in numbers so I can say our dream is coming through. The empire we dreamt of is gradually coming through. We don’t want to engage ourselves into music only, we want to create an entertainment industry where you can get all sorts of creative arts you need.

LSGH: Can you tell us a bit about how your Stage name “Yung Specz” came about? It sounds very fascinating and wondering if it has anything to do with Spectacles?

YungSpecz: (Laughs) you must  probably be a soothsayer or a wizard. Yes I use to wear spectacles when I was in high school. One day I just entered the studios of Nshona Muzick to record. He then asked of my name and I said ” Rainfall” and he was like “naaaaah!!!!! You wear spectacles so am gonna call you ” Yungspecz “. I really owe him a lot cos I never regretted that name. I have a songs produced by Nshona Muzick though, but will release at the appropriate time.

LSGH: If you are given 2 option to choose Which are getting rewarded with an Award without a Hit song and having a Hit song without an Award. Which one will you appreciate most?

YungSpecz: Eisshhh!!! I think this is a tough question. Every artist needs to be awarded or rewarded for their hard work. But I think currently I prefer to have a hit song over an award. When you make hits, the reward you get is worthy than a single award. The music industry is getting tougher so if am able to make a hit song ahead of others, I think that even worth more than a physical asset.

LSGH: Which Ghanaian artists do you wish to work with if you have the opportunity to.

YungSpecz: Am open to work with any artist but I think so far as Hiphop is concern, it will be EL or D-Black. These two people understand the game very well. D-Black has an excellent record when it comes to management and hits and EL is also the reigning best rapper in Ghana now. So I think they are the only two people in mind now but that does not mean I don’t regard other rappers. I listen to all big artists in Ghana because am learner.

LSGH: How can people get some of your songs to buy or download for free?

YungSpecz: My songs are available on ITunes, Deezer, Amazon, Loudsoundgh etc. Or you could just search Yungspecz on Google.

LSGH: Should the world expect a music video from you anytime soon? And which song are you planning to shoot a video for? If its supposed to be a surprise you don’t really have to say the song title.

YungSpecz: Sure!!!!!!! My team and I are working on it but for now I can only say they should expect a cypher video from my camp. Whole lot of people have been messaging me on my social networks, they all tell me to release a music video. I can promise them I will surely release a video and more will follow.

LSGH: We learned you are in school as well… Can you tell us what you are studying and how you are combining school with music?

YungSpecz: Am in my second year at Kumasi Polytechnic and currently reading Procurement and supply Chain Management. Its not easy combining education with music. I dedicate 50% of my time to music and the remaining percentage to Music. Charley trust me, it hasn’t be easy but man dey try small. (Laughs)

LSGH: If you are asked to fix something in the Ghanaian music scene what will that be? And what would you want to be left untouched or changed?

YungSpecz: Tough question… Maybe Payola… Yeah Payola… I once gave my CD to a Dj in Ghana. I don’t want to disclose his identity and his place of work. He listened to my songs and even my unreleased album. He told me am a good artiste, he advised me and told me he works under someone so he can’t play my song for free. That’s another disadvantage to we “undergrounds”.  Even some bloggers do take money from us before they post our stuffs and even with that, they just do it for some two weeks and it ends there. You will pay 100 cedis to a blogger who feels iffy to promote you even though you have paid but when a top artiste drops a song, they post it for free.

LSGH: Where do you see yourself in the next 7 to 10 years?

YungSpecz: Hopefully making hits, touring across the world and having a well established record label.

LSGH: Any message to Ghanaians and what they should expect from you?

YungSpecz: I thank Ghanaians for supporting me right from day one. Without their support and help, I wouldn’t have been here. They should expect my mixtape album in October and also new music titled Rap Yokozuna on the 28th of August. They should also expect more from other  in Pagez Music.  Pley and De Iva will be dropping their debut single soon, Subjee will also be dropping ” More Than a Day” video soon. My boy Frizze, has been working tiredly on his mixtape album as well. So Ghanaians should expect big from me and my team.


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