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Lyrics: Obibini — The Ten Black Commandments

Since Obibini’s “The Ten Black Commandments” was premièred on the Open House Party hosted by his blackness; Dj Black on Joy 99.7 FM and exclusively premièred on Loud Sound Ghana, the song has gone viral! As you read this now, it is Number 2 on the Loud Sound Ghana Top 10 Trending songs. Obibini is a sick lyricist; but what he did on this song tells me his lyrical madness got levels and we have not really seen the other sides of him yet! Once again my apologies to all rappers affected by this and any inconveniences these lyrics might cause are very much regretted. (Coming from Loud Sound Ghana Though) The Kasahare angel of death certainly got no regrets! Download the song below and rap along!



It’s the ten black commandments
1,2,1,2, Kilo Beatz, I see u.
There must be checks and balances everywhere. And in hip-hop, somebody’s gotta stand for realness. Obibini, live on the set. U know what I’m saying.. Say no more. Listen!!!

Herh! Yi wo naase mpaboa, w’adu Mount Sinai
Rules y3 rules, 3nfa ho s3 wo bank account si dan
3y3 mo s3 rap is about dance, Gemann
Nw3n w’aso na men announce laws no nkyer3 mo. Emu vibes gye man..
Wo w3n, Rule Number 1 se: Y3nfa takashi nny3 kasahare. U prolly should ask about it.
Jungle mu ha, y3mma ha safari.
Wohyia obi s3 Obibini w) floor a, b3y3d3n w’alaste

2: Education is the tool. Only fools go about proclaiming school no be cool.
Y3ahw3 news, views, interviews, musical interludes.
Update woho often and be lyrical in the booth.

Number 3: Ofui, y3a avoide nonfa.
Concept no nam siram, na wonenam Anloga.
Wonim letter-writing a, put that on tracks..
Or better yet, kokotie me mixtape full album fast.

Number 4: Checke wo timing 3ne delivery.
Wodwane gya wo beat a, mihu no disease bi..

Number 5: Ma wo vibes mu ny3 tight. Mode alo saa na mode mo dwetiri 3tot) hype.

Number 6: 3w)s3 woy3 fit when u dey spit. Enti na 3w)s3 wotaa b) jogging an)pa 6.

Number 7: Better rap efi rehearsing. Polishe part a wonny3ade n’ahu nea wode y3 weapon.
Manage energy. Susu jumpe if it’s not worth it.
Study breath control, n’atumi spitte wo verses.

Number 8: Shake stage na obiaa ny3 amazed.
3nny3 saa, wonny3 rapper. 3w)s3 y3b) wo away!

Number 9: Ma wo freestyle 3mma sweet smile. Create biibi on the spot. Fa wo thought to speed dial.
Meanwhile, ma wo writing no ny3 more.
Fis3 wonnim 3da a, y3b3 invite wo to war..

Number 10: Nea etwato), y3 original.
Fis3 copy-copy de3, 3nfa wo mpo du regional.
Wode3kyinkyinaa, y3mma wo akoa yi beat no bi.
RapMuWudini b3tagge wo gyimini.

Mey3 kasahare mu Angel of death.
Gyimidi, m’adwuma y3 simple w) earth.
Murder anybody lyrically sinful from birth.
Lyrics efi m’anum will strictly extinguish ur breath.
Herh! Ghana rappers ho anika sen Nickelodeon.
Bad influence, motes3 cocaine me opium.
Y3a mep3s3 mekye mo slice mo ti s3 onion.
Fr3 me Napoleon, I’ll break ur bone apart and dip em in sodium.
Hahaha word up! Yh It’s the Ten Black Commandments.
Toontoom all day! Beatshop.
Ten Black Commandments!!!

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