For Laughs: Boys Kasa “Beemer Move” (The Adventures Of Kalybos)

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The name Kalybos has become a household name since the comedian got popular with his short comedy series and his viral catch phrase; “Awurade Me Di Nkwasiasem” which means “God I Have Been Foolish”… Kalybos is a character who is always on the look out to impress women and its very important for him that women see him as a very classy and important person. He does this to almost every beautiful girl but His favourite girl is Ahuof3 Patri.

Well the season 1 (one) left us with laughing memories and rib cracking moments. Well, the season 2 (two) is here and this is the first episode titled “Beemer Move”. As usual, Kalybos wanted to impress Ahuof3 Patri with a BMW car which does not belong to him. Very funny situation there! Watch the comedy clip below and take out some stress… Enjoy and share.


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