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The Most Lyrically Controversial Artists In GH (Part 2)

Whats uuuuuup??? We are back again with our “alo” things chale… LOL.. But seriously, I want to thank you all for the massive feedback we had on the part one and big shouts to all those who shared the post and to ya’ll who emailed us opinions and comments… Your comments are well respected and please don’t be offended when your artist(s) is/are not listed in the “Controversial” category. We may probably have a much better category to put him/her/them in…

As promised, this is the part 2 of the “Most Lyrically Controversial artists in Ghana” is about to go down and I believe you will once again agree with us. If you don’t, comment below or send us an email as usual. The artists are as follows…

Sarkodie: The fact about this rapper is, he has been controversial since day 1. Most of us did not see that from the start because he quoted his dangerous lyrics with humour or comedy. Me for instance, always read meaning into his lyrics and I’m right sometimes and wrong sometimes too. You remember he made a freestyle insulting someone whom everyone thought was Hammer of the last 2? Its hard to predict him sometimes but his lyrics are most times controversial. I dont even want to talk about his “Free Press” freestyle… LOL… Almost every blogger got angry except me… Hehehehehe Well he got a new one out which we are not sure if its thumbs up for Gemini or not… We are still digging into it. LOL

Kwaw Kese: This is one rapper you can never mess with… He does not say hidden things and leave the rest for you to predict. He pours it out raw and in a very clear and vivid language we can easily understand. They dont call him the “Man Insane” for nothing chale. It got to a time, I called him the GH Kanye; but I realized he was much crazier than Kanye!! Kwaw Kese will mention your name and address you directly when there is the need to do so. Cut the humour crap; he goes in like a real rap solja!!! The king of the streets takes the reality everywhere!!

Gemini: As a Hiphop artist, I think that has so much influence on this rapper. He does not slow down lyrically and he constantly sees there is the need to draw a clear line between what he does and what others do when it comes to lyrical contents. Gemini does a lot of wordplays and metaphors; but his lyrics are pretty colourful and it will be difficult for most people to notice some things if they are lyrically colour blind… Gemini says some heart breaking stuffs which I believe has ended a lot of rap careers… LOL

C-Real: He is not only a HipHop artist, but also a freestyle and a rap battle artist. Should I go on or just end it here for C Real? (We all know Him chale) C-Real is sometimes lyrically disrespectful and combines that with the controversy. Did you listen to his “Reality Check” ? You are so gonna get scared for him chale. I think he is just that type who does not care about what you feel about what he says. You should also listen to his “The Reigning Season” mixtape and get the whole idea!

Edem: Hello, hi rappers… He make you no dey bed er?!! Edem has been doing this since his first official single “Woshi”… Till date, I still have no idea who that song was directed to; but a lot of people concluded it has something to do with Agbeko of “Wototome” fame. That is old news by the way; and I believe it was more about lyrical dexterity those days than being commercial. Because most of his lines are in the Ewe language, most people don’t really see how controversial Edem is. Any voltarian will tell you Edem spits real hard punches!! Sorry rappers, you may not understand what he says but he is still throwing them punches anyway. Edem is a beast!!!!


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