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The Most Lyrically Controversial Artists In GH. (Part 1)

So I was just listening to some Ghanaian songs as usual and I realized there are some lyrics which comes out from some of our artists we consider as the “cool” ones, but in reality these rappers are poisonous! I made note of some of these artists and decided to ask my friends on Facebook as well… I was not surprised at the names I saw because somehow, we are both in the same line of what “Lyrically Controversial” means.

I went ahead to listen to songs by some of these artists that I wasn’t familiar with when it’s about lyrical controversy… Well, I am glad I did and ashamed I did not realize it all these while. From the selections the public made, I will give some few explanations why myself and others think these artists are controversial… FYI: These are my personal evaluation and may not be accepted by everybody. Also, my interpretation of their lyrics are according to how I understand them and may differ from how they actually meant it to sound like. If you ready, lets roll!!

ASEM: 50% of the people mentioned Asem as one of the most lyrically controversial artist in Ghana. The WBDN rapper is well-known for this speciality and when he is arranging those lyrics, he does not care if you are his best friend or not. Asem is the only rapper who constantly picks on all the rappers every year. He is not the “Fix-The-Puzzle” type… He will mention names and quote lines if needed. His latest release “B.R.A.” took a long swing on artists again and that definitely got most of the rappers mad! His name “Asem” plays a big role in his career. Or he chose it because he knew what he was going to do? LOL

X.O. Senavoe: Personally, I thought this rapper is the “Lady’s Man” kind of rapper. I doubted his controversial status until I listened to some of his songs all over again… His latest featuring on Coptic’s “The Rising Stars Of Gh” Vol 3 Album, gave me some ideas about how he actually goes in! I believe he is not the raw kind of rapper but rather the “Fix-The-Puzzle” kind of rapper. You need to listen deep to get the irony behind his lyrics… [ Click to listen to Real N*gaz ft X.O. Senavoe and Sarkodie ]

EL: This rapper confuses me 90% of the time! Sometimes his humour side seems to over shadow his controversial side. If you listen to EL very well, you will know this rapper talks about some deep things. Sometimes he gives me the impression he is talking to some particular artists (Which I don’t want to mention in this article) and he keeps making me believe those beefs still hold each time he drops something new. I will come out publicly with it when I have enough evidence. Listen to his mixtape “The B.A.R.” and make some conclusions yourself…

MANIFEST: This rapper is another deep type! Manifest sometimes uses metaphors and irony to attack rappers indirectly. It’s very difficult to explain what I mean but I am going to give just one example here… In his song “Some Way Bi” he said something like “Ignore These Bastard Guys… I work they snore I pass these guys” In MY own definition, “Bastard Guys” could be the same as “FOKN Bois” and I say this because the duo “Fokn Bois” threw punches at Manifest on the regular. I can’t confirm if they are the people Manifest was referring to; but I know he meant something there. His new featuring on Coptic’s “The Rising Stars Of GH” Vol 3 Album is another deep one and makes you wonder if he was throwing punches at Sarkodie. [ CLICK HERE TO LISTEN ] You need to think deep to understand Manifest!!!

FOKN Bois: Their name should even tell you they don’t give a sh*t about anyone. They are controversial all round! From dissing artists, heads of states, actors, actresses, and even religion. These dudes are something else! On the regular, they make very nice and thought-provoking songs which is basically to promote social awareness and love for humanity. I have watched their concerts and its pretty different from when they are doing their musical movie or a “Lets-annoy-people” singles… When they are bored, they just gather some people and lash them out lyrically! Funny enough, not even a single reaction “openly” from any rapper when they speak out what they have on their chest…. Listen to their all time controversial song “What You Dey Fear” and see how they lined up artists on that song!


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