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Read This: Some “Eyebrow Raising” Moments In 2014

Usually, we just leave the old news to fade away and disappear, but sometimes the “Epic” ones are written in history books for us to remember and hope the good ones repeats themselves whiles the awful ones never return in our lifetime! A lot of things went on in 2014 which made lots of people go like “Jeeeeezos!” (Dex Kwasi’s Voice) and made others scream in excitement saying “Arrrhhhhbwoy” (Stonebwoy’s Voice) … Some of them are actually Jaw Dropping and we have no option but react with “HUUUUH!!” (Sarkodie’s Voice) LOL!!

We sure had lots of fun last year and Ghana music was on its “element”! One surprising thing is that, some of our very old artists re-appeared in the game and claiming they are back to take their “titles” or “Crowns”. Well, I think they saw the game to be an easy play until they got on the field to kick some bars. They got to know how huge the pitch has become over the years when they finally stepped in… (You see what I just did there right now? Metaphors at play challe! I should be a rapper la!)

I saw few come-backs like Okomfour Kwadee, T-Blaze, KgPM, Root Eye, Soul Nana (Soul-a-ti-doe), Joe Frazier, Abrewa Nana, and many others… Some even appeared just to scare us with huge promises and that was the end… Examples are Borax and OD4… Od4 actually said he is coming back with a whole new branding system and Ghanaians should watch out for him because he will be too hot to be touched and will also be called “Mavluz“! Maybe he is preparing for 2015? Well, lets not draw conclusions…

Borax actually said Shatta Wale and Samini are only making noise and that is because he is not around. Its unfortunate I have not listened to his album, but heard about his feature on Daddy Lumba’s track… Any other track from him that I missed? Most of us went like “Borax say whoaa whoaa??!!” lol… But again lets see if 2015 will work out for him if he makes another attempt. These guys rose my hopes high and just dropped it!! Dancehall music took the scene and that brought about lots of dancehall artists… They are doing good though… We still have some of the old artists who are giving us good music and are actually here to stay. People like Nana Quame, RootEye, Soul Nana, Abrewa Nana and few others are doing real good! Soul Nana is releasing his album this year… He also produced Sarkodie’s “Whine Fi Me” featuring Jupitar and Stonebwoy. I think he is doing good in both worlds…

Challe what did you say when you saw Ako Nana bringing masked girls on stage who were virtually living in the garden of Eden? Chaaalle! It was craaaazzzyy… Dude did not even care what people were saying and he was all in his dark shades and “Bling Bling” putting out his best out there. Some people were like “Yeaaaah!” Whiles others were like “No Bloody Way!!!” lol… You don’t wanna hear my reaction do you? Its unfortunate the girls had an early exit… LOL… I think that was the same Nite Shatta Wale performed another song from Samini? That Tigo Unplugged concert brought us so much in a single day!

After lots of rumours in 2013 surrounding the group VIP breaking up and Reggie Rockstone joining the group, they finally released their first official single in 2014 under the name VVIP. This was a bit of a shocker even though we knew its possible for Reggie Rockstone to join the group. Reggie Rockstone proved to Ghanaians loyalty and respect for each other is more important to him. “Selfie” was a massive hit and the video was dope! Was followed by the remix and also “Book Of Hiplife” and then “OMG“… Great moments to see the O.G’s getting active in the game! But later, we heard some few rumours saying Reggie Rockstone masterminded Promzy leaving the group? One dude told me “Yo I heard because promzy jumped off buildings and things challe… He watches too much movie” I have no idea how true that is… Did he really jump off buildings? smh

Castro went Jet Skiing last year (2014) and never came back. This is something most Ghanaians will never forget no matter how long it takes. Lots of fetish priests and priestesses came up during that time claiming they know where he is. Others saying he is visiting mermaids and others also said lots of unbelievable things… Some nearly drowned whiles performing their so called search rituals… Later some people hacked into his facebook account and said they did that because they miss him… smfh!! Till date, we dont know where Castro is and we cant confirm whether he is dead or alive. To me, it does not feel like he is dead so my hopes stands high.

2014 is the same year that made us experience a couple of court cases… First was Chatter House versus Shatta Wale… First in Ghanaian music history, an artist faces a lawsuit for insulting an award organizing body. Well, we are growing and its good to know things like this can happen. What happened next though? After hearing something something about “suing with a wrong company name” I wonder what will happen next…  I guess the case is gradually fading away as time goes on. Talking about court issues, the freshest one was about Kwaw Kese. That case was a shocker!! Oh challe one roll p3 ooooo… We tried the Hash-tag “thingy” but challe it did not work for us… It only made things even worse so we had to stop the noise and become silent critics. We thank God he’s been granted bail before we saw 2015.

Another “Eyebrow” raising moment is when Asem released his single “B.R.A.” Best Rapper Alive and he actually lined up almost all the artists and literally Defamed them and placed himself above them all… This was a surprise shocker because he failed to release his annual “Fylla” the previous year; and “B.R.A.” got released even before December, which is the usual period for these kind of controversial songs. All the rappers mention in the song did not take it like it was a joke at all… Rapper; Medal, took on twitter to throw few punches to Asem. The rest did not really react but I saw Edem tweeting that he has no beef with Asem but he is fake! Please rappers, let’s get on some lyrical war already! LOL.

This article should not be all about the bad side of 2014… We had other great news like Blackstar Line headed by Coptic signs their first artist and he happens to come from Ghana. He goes by the name Trey La. His the debut mixtape “The Introduction” was released and trust me, its dope!! A new rap battle series was introduced called the “Lyrical Wars GH“! Bruh, you need to watch them battles! And also, an interesting cartoon series they call “Twitter Review” brought to us by Mix Down Studios, sums up some of most talked about issues on twitter. Was really a fun year and I know lots of things might have skipped me. Comment with what you think I should have mentioned as well… Maybe Part 2 will be coming… We look forward to a more interesting 2015 with less sad and unfortunate events… Follow us Twitter: @LoudSoundGH Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/loudsoundgh

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