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3 Things You May Not Know About Da Hammer Of The Last 2

Edward Nana Poku Osei known in the entertainment scene as Da Hammer, has been and still is a great icon in the Ghanaian music scene for over a decade! Da Hammer is known for some certain things and these includes his style of music production (Instrumentals), his approach to musical contents and how he has inspired many talented artists over the years. When we talk about the top artists taking control of the music scene, 80 % of these artists were actually groomed by Da Hammer of The Last 2. Even in recent times, he is still preparing artists and making them ready for the market!

As you may already know, Da Hammer started all these compilation albums and his era brought rappers from all corners from the country to the Hush Hush Studios where he did most of his recording sessions. Some of these rappers slept at the studios and hanged around till Hammer comes for another studio session. He is known for his strict vetting; and for that reason, rappers came prepared! If you don’t impress him the first time, that will be it for you! He observes originality and style of rap! Da Hammer and The Last 2 were the beginning of the real HipHop/Hiplife revolution in Ghana, starting with Obrafour! Below are few things most people may not know about this super producer!

How he started music production: Da Hammer got into music production by “accident”… He had so much passion for music and the concepts he has for music or entertainment in general, are unimaginable! His close friend and a talented keyboardist, who is known as Yaw Opare Anoff a.k.a. Way Deep noticed this about Hammer and started encouraging him to go into music since his way of thinking music is beyond a mere music lover. His suggestions, Criticism, and ideas were always rated as that of a professional. They both decided to join their talents and that gave birth to “The Last 2 Music Group”.

Why The Name “Last 2” Music Group: After Da Hammer and Way Deep discovered that they could bind their talents and do magic in the Ghanaian music industry, the decided to get a name for the new production revolution. They arrived at the name “The Last 2” which implies the last 2 people to steer the Ghanaian music industry to the world and beyond. We can say since the “Last 2” came into existence, the game took a new shape and praise the Lord, we are still enjoying the fruits it produced. Way Deep later left to the States leaving Hammer to manage everything all by himself. Da Hammer decided to keep “The Last 2” as his loyalty to a true friendship.

What He Does Aside Music Production: You know how Hammer handles those kicks when he is in the production mood. But his talent is not limited to music production, but also Movie scoring as well. I know Da Hammer enjoys movies with powerful background sounds, effects and soundtracks. He actually watches his movies in a well set up surround sound atmosphere! He scored the movie “Bloody Streetz” which is an American movie released around 2003. The movie also had Obrafour’s song “Who Born You” from the “Asem Sebe” album.

We will bring you more from the legendary producer, ranging from facts, unreleased songs, and possible future productions… But before then, you may want to share your views on these questions… which artists do you think should work with Da Hammer this year? And do you think he should get involved in the Ghanaian movie industry taking care of the sound aspect? We would love to read comments from you.

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