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Should Artists Pay Bloggers To Put Their Songs On The Internet?

Internet blogging is a passion and with most of us, we take delight in blogging more than looking at the earning side of it. I decided to pick this topic because as a blogger (Part Time) I feel like there are a lot of things our artists don’t know concerning what it takes to have your stuffs on a blog and what they might be possibly doing wrong that is preventing their songs to get posted… I made this debate open on my personal Facebook wall and got mixed comments from a couple of artists. Most of these artists think its very wrong to pay a blogger before putting your songs or interviews on their websites. And others also thought its just right to pay a blogger to post your songs because they are the ones who will determine whether you get more publicity or less publicity…

With those who said an artist should not pay a blogger to put songs or other forms of publications on their blogs, gave few reasons… Some of these reasons are, because the blogger display ads on the website, thus making money out of it since there is more traffic coming in because of the contents they (Artists) send to get published. And also said bloggers needs to pay them for giving FREE contents to be posted on their blogs.

I want to tackle these 2 points so that this article does not get too long to read. I want to explain what it means to serve or display ads on a website or blog, and also what website content really means… After that, I will give my verdict on whether an artist should pay a blogger for publications or not. PS: LoudSoundGH does not bill artists to post songs on the website; but that is our personal decision and has nothing to do with the official blogger and artist relationship.

First of all, lets talk about adverts or ads on websites. In fact, this is the reason why we have so many blogs these days… The notion these new bloggers have is to make money from websites as soon as its launched and getting visitors. If that’s how it works, some of us are billionaires by now… Unfortunately, its not exactly how it looks like.

THE TRUTH ABOUT ADS: Before you apply for an ad services from a company like “Adsense” for example, they will have to check your website and make sure it meets their requirements. The first thing they look out for, is the amount of traffic your website gets in maybe a month… When we say traffic, you should be having around 500 to 1000 visitors on the average, the structure of your site and what your site is about, to be considered for serving ads from them. When you are finally approved and given your ad tags, this does not mean you start making money on a daily basis. Your visitors must convert into sales and they must engage properly and legally with ads displayed on your website. You could run a website with google ads for a month and wont make even 3 dollars if the right people are not seeing these ads. Ask and they will tell you…

THE CONTENTS: It’s true that contents bring visitors to your website and that eventually convert into ad sales or impressions… But what do we call “contents”? I don’t think you are referring to “contents” as an artwork with an mp3 file with a message “This is my new banger! Its hot and you will sure love it! Download and share with everyone”…  I wont lie to you though, when LoudSoundGh receives mails like this, we usually delete it because it’s a total waste of time and there is nothing to write about this song. If an artist can write something impressive and detailed about his/her song, I don’t think any blogger will reject them.

WHAT I THINK IS RIGHT AND MY VERDICT: First of all, don’t judge a blogger because he has ads showing on his website. Those ads sometimes do not cover the cost of hosting not to talk about maintenance, Themes, plugins, backup space, security software etc… (Not Forgetting Internet bills and blogger’s energy) And I also don’t think bloggers should put their maintenance cost on artists because, they should be ready and know what is involved before starting a blog. Your business should not survive on other people’s pocket. You should calculate to the future and look for how to make money with your site than ripping artists off… (Make una no bore though LOL)

Sometimes I will want to blame some artists for allowing themselves to be under this kind of oppression because, when you offer them something for FREE, they will abuse it and treat it with no respect. LoudSoundGH suffered that situation lots of times but came up with a strategy to combat it once and for all. These artists will testify to this… LOL Because some things are free, you see artists throwing songs into your mail almost every 2 days and it always comes with very annoying subjects like “Brand New Music For Immediate Release!!” (Abufus3m!) So artists, your approach to the blogger and the quality of your work will always get you free publication… DONT ABUSE IT!

With the contents, I strongly believe if an artist writes a very interesting article which can keep a visitor reading it for at least 1 to 2 minutes, I’m very sure every blogger will be willing to get it published. But if you want the blogger to sit down and listen to a 3 – 4 minute of noise and make up a nice write-up from that; which usually takes 15 to 20 minutes to finish, then you will have to pay him for the services. All over the world, independent artists are advised to get a publicist who can communicate effectively with the bloggers and media houses to get news about their artists out there. Dont think you will get FEATURED on a blog if you don’t pay anything. (Getting your content on a site is different from getting featured. Contact us for our featuring quotes)…  iTunes, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other big platforms wont feature you if you don’t pay for the services…

The choice is yours as an artist… Do all the needed job to get a free publication or pay a professional to do the job for you whiles you stretch in your couch making another good music. You have the right as an artist to get free publication for your songs or interviews but remember most of these blogs and websites are private and they decide what to do with their blogs. Enquire about featuring plans with bloggers and learn more about it and see how it will benefit your career… The best thing to do is to work your way to the top with good music and you wont even have to email your songs to any website or blog. Its gets to the best blogs and websites automatically…

If this article answered some questions, pleases share and comment if you dont understand anything in there and we will be glad to explain further… Like my Page http://www.facebook.com/alfredaborga and also http://www.facebook.com/loudsoundgh On Twitter http://www.twitter.com/misteraborga and http://www.twitter.com/loudsoundgh


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