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Breaking The Code: Artist and Fans… Who Needs Who Most?

Hi everyone, my name is Alfred Aborga and I am a writer for loudsoundgh.com … Yep, I am that young man lots of people refer to my writings as immature and others describe it as a top-notch! Well I am not here to defend what I can do but to tell you something most people are confused about and that is, what makes an artist and who a fan is…

Before you read, I must say this has been my own observation for a couple of years now and I know what I am about to write is almost 80 percent true. Being a musician and being a politician is almost the same; and that is promising people and giving them reasons why they should listen and support them (Artists and Politicians) in any way… The only difference between an artist and a politician is, the artist will do anything to make their fans happy which the politician does not care about. (Most Times)

Because fans are important to make an artist successful, they (Artists) tend to get these fans any means possible and that could be using good stunts or annoying stunts. I am pretty sure you have heard the phrase “There Is Nothing Like Bad Publicity”… That is a true statement but, the question is are you ready to handle any situation you find yourself in? Most artists can handle these pressure very well and convert it to something useful and build loyal fans through that process… An artist like Shatta Wale for example, played his role very well and it’s almost like he had this plan drawn so many years back…

We all know how the Shatta Wale’s “born again” fame started right? It triggered with real anger, the media made buzz out of it, he grabbed the opportunity and expressed more of his anger, and also had the opportunity to promote his songs on a much wider platform because in that period, we were all curious about what he has to say next… Shatta Wale may look arrogant in many ways but I think that is working for him and he is handling the heat and making good use of it! Anyways enough of Shatta Wale for now and let’s get back to the real issue…

Most Ghanaian female artists try as much as they can to show more than enough “Skin” on stage and when the heat starts piling up, they go into recovery mode and they seem not to get back energized as they started. Sister Deborah is an exception though… That girl too hard! LOL! She is ready for what she starts and knows how to handle those situations very easily… All I’m trying to say is, most artists get on the spotlight with a controversial entrance and disappear in a couple of months because they could not handle the feedback or heat they are getting. Be careful not to use this approach if you don’t know how to play the “mind game”. Knowing how to play the mind game is part of being an artist.

Some Ghanaian artists make the “Media” look like a big enemy so that their fans will stand by them to fight the enemy. When ever they see a publication against them, they will have to report to their fans first and this is not because the opinions of these fans matter, but because they don’t want to lose them over something they think is malicious enough to break them down. A friend once told me “The one to be the first to report a case at the police station is usually the good guy in the eyes of the law”…

From Awards, Endorsement deals, Product ambassadors, etc… you name them… It always end up on how many fans are supporting these artists… Do you think Samsung made Sarkodie an ambassador because he can rap perfect? Hell no! It’s just because he has a voice that reaches thousands of people around the world. He is a household name, a role model to many and an inspiration to most upcoming artists. If LoudSoundGH should pay Sarkodie to endorse the website or a new service we are bringing on board, we are hundred percent sure our message will be reaching the right people and it’s definitely going to make a huge impact.

Some artists have more than mere social media fans and these fans will do anything to show their loyalty. Sarkodie, Samini, EL, VVIP, R2Bees, Castro, Bradez, just to mention a few, got families and not just mere fans. The reason why their success is never-ending is because these fans are “Die Hard Fans” and will always be there for their favorite artist… Basically, a fan is like the signature an artist need to be successful. If an artist has very little influence on people, he gets no deal from anywhere. If you are an upcoming artist, remember to have time for your fans now and listen to them because they can make you and break you… Do songs for them, communicate with them, Give them shouts on social me and all the things that will make them feel they are connected to you. For now, that is OBLIGATORY as an unsigned or upcoming artist.

And if you are a fan, stay loyal to your artist because if you “un-subscribe” yourself, he’s gonna loose his job… LOL Naaaaa I just dey joke! They have probably saved enough… I think I will have to investigate that as well… Until next time, feel free to tell me what you think. If you enjoyed reading it, share and follow me on

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