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Tips: Things Artistes Must Watch When Submitting To LoudSoundGH

LoudSoundGH (Loud Sound Ghana) was created for one sole purpose and that is helping upcoming artistes to get their voice heard by the masses and also help to shape up their online presence. Loud Sound Ghana receives loads of song submissions each day; but only few of those submissions are able to make it to the website. This is not because we are choosy or decided not to post songs from some artistes. (I Know we are too known sometimes… lol)  We do get confused about some of the submissions we get and because we dont get replies when we need more information, we decide not to post them.

We are working hard each day to give a meaningful approach to online music promo and that includes respecting our visitors and giving them detailed information about what they are about to listen to, or download. By so doing, we are also ensuring a concrete exposure for the artiste and his personality… What we want everyone to know is; we are not an “Mp3” or file sharing website; and we have no intention of transforming to that in the future. There are already popular file sharing websites out there, which allows you to easily create an account and upload as many as you want. I guess this should outline what we stand for and what we believe in.

One thing artistes should know is, not every Ghanaian or everybody in world visits LoudSoundGH or knows about us… Most people discover songs or artistes through search engines either by looking for keywords that match the content of a song or artiste, or doing a direct search on a song or the artiste. Some of the title of the songs that are submitted to us gets very confusing, and if we are confused about the spelling of the title of that song, there is a little to nothing chance that people may discover that song.

For instance if you have a title written in any of our local languages, its adviceable  to use the closest english letter that sounds like those special characters we have in our local languages…  word like “Kyr3me” can easily be written as “Kyreme” or “Kr)kr)” can be written as “Krokro” because, 80% of people will prefer the latter when putting in words to search for a song they probably heard on radio or heard from anywhere else. However, this is not confusing but, it gets confusing when the artwork got “Kr)kr)” and the mp3 file itself is named “Krokro”… What do we have to put as the title of the song? We urge artistes to make the title of the song obvious and not two different spellings.

Secondly, some of these songs have very long titles which we believe can be written in a shorter form. The reason why short titles are adviceable is because they perform great in search results and this will mean you (The artiste) got greater chances of people seeing you on top web search results. Google for instance records only the first 65 characters to index and provide in search results. If they are too many, they whole thing may be ignored or will go down the search results. A title like “My 40 Days Journey To The West Side” can simply be written as “40 Days To West Side” which I believe is even more catchy and will attract more visitors.

Another thing is about the people involved in the song. If its a joint track or a featuring, make that clear when submitting your songs. This is how we can give an accurate info about the song. These things must be clearly written attached to the song alongside all production credits if applicable and ofcourse a decent artwork (Very Important). Sending an mp3 file and artwork with a message “Please promote my song on your number 1 website” is not going to get you on LoudSoundGH in anyway; especially if we dont know anything about you or who you are and what you stand for. Ofcourse we know we are the Number one promo site and we appreciate the compliments a lot; but please tell us how great you are too and also the awesome people involved in making that song a success…

Last but not the least, do not ever add our logo to your artworks and also dont expect us to use our logo in place of your artwork… The LoudSoundGH logo represents us and can only be used by our affiliates on a proper agreement. Using our logo will serve as an endorsement from the team and management. We may love your song so much and possibly feature it as a premium post but our logo will have nothing to do with it since we have no verbal or written agreement on that. If you want our logo on your artwork, please talk to us and we can sure reach an agreement.

To close up, I want to remind all artistes that, LoudSoundGH does NOT charge anyone to put his or her music on our site. The only time we MAY charge is when the artiste wants an intensive promo for a song or video. We believe artistes should rather enjoy royalties than to pay for their hard work to be heard. This is our own mind set and we are hoping to find a way in the future to reward artistes who send us exclusive contents. Our doors are open to all artistes and we will want artistes to take note of these few things so we both make an impact. Hoping to see those awesome songs in our mail soon… God bless your hustle!!

Everything written above are our personal recommendations and other people may have their own separate recommendations as well… If you are looking to submit your songs to other great promo sites, look out for their requirements so you can reach as many audience as possible


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