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Mp3 + Lyrics: Wanlov The Kubolor “Never Go Leave You” Feat Silvastone

If you thought Wanlov The Kubolor is all about controversy and “Non-Love” songs, this is something that could totally change your perception about that! Wanlov calls this music “Never Go Leave You” featuring Silvastone. Kubolor expressed his endless love for a girl on the Afrobeat song with very convincing and promising lyrics… I think its a great piece and the kind of song which will be rated on top of the charts in the world of Afrobeat, Azonto, Akayida and all the others… All I’m saying is, this song is a total hit!

Download mp3 below and check out the lyrics as well!! and dont forget to share this one!



min sumo bo kpakpa
the kubolor…
i dey here plus silvastone

y u dey fear?
dis no b horror film oh my dear
michael jackson thriller seff e for clear
mek u never never shake as i dey here
as i dey here
coz i dey care
i go do my best always to dey near
dis bond
never ever for fit tear
wey yor eye
never ever for shed tear
no for shed tear

i never go leave u
i always go dey for u
whenever whereever whatever whoever knew…ayy
i never go leave u…i dey promise i promise
i always go dey for u…i dey promise i promise
whereever whatever…i dey promise i promise
whenever whoever knew…i dey promise i promise

min sumo bo kpakpa
min tsui tswa ko ka ka
noni o fee ka kpa
enorr tsor ma na kaka

girl y u dey wonder? yie
y u dey tink say i dey go?
y u dey ponder? yie
u no go ever be alone
girl believe me
even if she dey feel me
even if i chop i no take away
mek u wait mek i just dey on my way to u
hamdada huumdede huumdede 3x
mek u no worry ay
i dey on my way to u girl
i no go ever leave u

i no complain
my love go remain the same
and nothing go ever change me

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