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Opinion: So Shatta Wale Should Not Take Pictures Again?

Ghanaian dancehall artiste Shatta Wale a.k.a. Dancehall Commando is on a US tour currently, which has raised some issues about him posting pictures and videos on his fanpage. A lot of people tagged it as “Immature” whiles other see nothing wrong with it all… This gentleman who wants to be identified as “Dada Cash” got his own opinion about this and contacted us to help share his honest opinion about this issue. We at LoudSoundGH welcome all opinions on any matter concerning artistes and the entertainment scene as whole. We respect all opinions and we may have different views on each topic but, that does not stop us from publishing someone’s. You can send your opinions to us via email info@loudsoundgh.com as well if you have something you wish to talk about. NO INSULTS. Insults will probably be the only reason why we may not post an opinion. Dada Cash wrote and We QUOTE….

Hello Loudsoundgh, I will be very grateful if you can publish this on your reputable website for me. I am finding it very difficult to absorb the kind of things people write or say about the dancehall king Shatta Wale. His fans means a lot to him and he tries as much as he can to keep them updated on everything he does. Sometimes I dont understand my fellow Ghanaians and some of our artistes who claim they know better than other artistes. Pardon me if this may sound a bit harsh, but I think the problem is either we hate with no reason, we are ignorant or simply Stupid!

Who doesn’t take pictures when he or she travels? Even right from the plane, people post pictures and I can give you just one simple example that people professed they never saw. When Sarkodie was travelling with his mother and sister to the united states, he took a picture right in the plane saying he is taking his HOME with him because he always misses home when he is far from home. No one said anything dismissive about that or raised an issue on it. Why is Shatta Wale’s SELFIE and videos a big bother to Ghanaians? Are we not happy for him? I think people should rather see the positive side of what he is doing than always looking for something adverse to say about him!

I must confess, I am a big fan of Kwaw Kese and still is; but his attack on Shatta Wale is so uncalled for. Even though he denied he was not referring to Shatta Wale, his follow up tweets said otherwise. He said something about a permit visa and a tourist visa. Bra Kwaw, which ever visa it may be, it does not stop him from taking pictures and making videos to show his fans. The fact is, he went there on an approved visa which allows him to do his tour legally. If kwaw Kese got a personal problem with Shatta Wale, then this whole attack thing makes sense… When Kwaw Kese tweeted about divorcing his wife, most of us saw it as a very childish thing to do. Some of us think its a personal issue and in a way, he is telling the world he lived all those years with a woman he was not happy with. I feel sorry for his Ex Wife but then, That is none of my business either. (Kwaw you still my guy though… Nothing changed. Just saying)

With my fellow Ghanaians, we have issues and I think we dont see our values. Go to P. Diddy’s facebook page and see the pics and videos he uploads… Go To Ludacris’ Fanpage and see the videos and pics he posts daily or 50 Cent’s Facebook page and you will see what they post is even more than what Shatta Wale is doing. There is nothing wrong with what they post because they are “American Stars” ? If President Mahama is riding a jet ski, people say he is using Tax Payers money but if Obama does same, they go like “OMG This man can ride that thing real good! WOW”… Its very sad we have empty hate for ourselves and we are always blind to the positive things we can support.

I dont want to write a lot since I am not paying for publishing space (laughs) to conclude, there is nothing wrong with taking pictures whiles on a tour and absolutely nothing wrong when an artiste being real to his fans on Facebook. Shatta Wale should be left alone to do his things, which ofcourse we are enjoying so much! Feels like we are there with him! Shatta Wale please give us more pics and videos and dont mind anybody! We want to know waguan for the other side! Success bro and we got your back!

Thank you loudsoundgh. God bless you guys…

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