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Lyrics + Mp3 Download: C Real “Reality Check”

All those who wanted the real lyrics of C Real’s controversial track “Reality Check” , Here you go… You can download the audio beneath the lyrics as well if you dont have it.. Enjoy, download and share!

[Intro: C-Real]
Yeah, Reality Check…

[Verse 1: C-Real]
Look, I hear all sorts of talking
But nobody’s enforcing
Artistes without a voice, the auto-tune’s got them lost in
All the fake glamour and glitz
Rappers who can’t rap for shit
Show up for a minute and fall off a cliff
What happened to Trigmatic, what happened to D-Cryme
Stay Jay and others, what happened to all the weak rhymes
We claim we have an industry
But most artistes are still asleep
Waiting for the latest trends so they can make a hit and eat
Chaley, I understand, here’s some beef, chew some meat chaley
If you wanna take it outside? Chaley I dey
Obuor sati pass, growing fat whilst MUSIGA blast
Front row at awards show, watching as his cash grow
I shock oo

[Commentary: C-Real]
Hmmph, yeah, E be me pε I talk
Me pε my mouth big
But it’s the truth
I see it, and I’m not going to be quiet about it
Obuor, we expected more from you
Everybody was looking up to you
Coz you were educated, we wanted results
& this is what we got, you got big and we got skinny

[Verse 2: C-Real]

This is irresponsibility
You must be fucking kidding me
Musicians have been scared for too long & it’s killing me
I guess to say the truth is the same as making some enemies
So I’m ready for any soldiers that you plan to send to me
Charter house, 4SYTE, all of you need improvement
You claim that you care for artistes, but all you do is use them
Without performers on your shows, your brands will be useless
So know that we’re the source of your dough
It’s time that you used sense
Appietus, I heard what you said about hip-hop
Everybody get opinion, e good say you no sit top
But chaley, Muje Baya was a hit that you ripped off
From DJ CNDO, we pretend but we all know
You play give your boys make them take win award, OH!
GH chaley, some things for no be so
We all dey hung, but never plagiarize for some dough
It’s not about the system yo, it’s just a principle
& I thought you should know

[Commentary: C-Real ]
Yeah, hmph, Chaley Appietus… This is strictly business
Hip-hop is growing in GH
It’s not the most widespread genre but it’s happening
What you need to do is support something new
Instead of giving negative reviews on TV and radio
I got my eyes on you, you talk, and I talk back
I promise you that, Hip-hop!

[Verse 3: C-Real]

They ask, what C-Real get, Chaley, what C-Real win?
Just know that the rapper you wish you were, I am him
I make more money than you wish you had, I’m king
& Keep in mind that it’s not a used car that I’m driving in
I don’t think about my rent when I’m chilling in my crib
I built it from the ground up, I know what luxury is
SO keep making that nonsense and seeking endorsements
You think the corporate world wants to associate with that concert
Shun all the fooling & talk sense
We dance like 10 years this, why? People no get nothing talk since?
Broke artistes running around and flossing
Forcing to fall in, winning all the awards but
Can’t leave cash for kids

[Commentary: C-Real]

Oh Asem oo
Chaley, this is one hell of a place to be man, GH
Everybody dey complain, everybody keep quiet
From church, to the politics, everything
Imagine being an artiste, imagine spending you last money on studio time
& imagine performing for free
After you invest your life, your time, your resources & your talent
For some promoter to tell you that;
“Ow, just do for me, people go see your face”
Fuck you think I give a fuck about my face?
I’m trying to get paid
Dey no pay you? Mr. Promoter?

[Outro: C-Real]
Huh! alright…
I guess that’s just the way it is, some people go keep quiet
Some people go talk, this ain’t about beef, it’s about the truth
Reality check! It’s about time we wake up GH



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