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Tips: Ways To Build a Loyal Fan Base As a Music Artiste

Looking to strike out and make it as a musician? It’s an ambitious way to live your life and if you get there, the rewards are absolutely staggering. Fame, fortune, the chance to be on stage in front of thousands – what is there not to love about the idea of doing this?
However, just like professional sports, only those who are really willing to work hard and learn are going to make it. In the beginning for music artistes it should all be about trying to build up a local following that will back you and turn up at your gigs time and time again. After all, what use is it trying to break into markets when you aren’t even recognised in your home town?

99% of musicians fail to make it big – this is a sad fact, and unfortunately it is application and intelligence that lets them down rather than talent or authenticity. Look at some of the biggest names in hip-hop at the moment – your parents are probably more eloquent, intelligent rappers! The proof is there that with the right commitment and style, you can build up a long-term career in music. But there are always things to think about in the music industry that most people don’t – so if you are an aspiring artiste, consider the following;

Get Your Fans Promoting
Do you constantly try and sell your product, your name? If you don’t then you are really failing to make the most of a huge opportunity. If your tunes are good your fans will talk about you to others. But you need to provide them with easy to share materials online that they can then hand out and pass on to others. Get yourself on social media and on pages like Soundcloud and easy-to-access online music websites like www.loudsoundgh.com – it can make all the difference.

Again, get yourself on social media and start interacting with people. Talk to other artistes, reply to fans and release all of your material on your social media pages. If you get a bad reception from some don’t get involved in an online spat – this is for children who cannot take criticism. You will get detractors; it’s up to you to ignore their trolling.

Get Merchandise
You need to have something to help raise extra cash for the long-term efforts. Getting some t-shirts made up, album covers designed and other features are perfect especially for hip-hop gigs. If people like your music they will buy a t-shirt if they haven’t spent all their cash on booze, so make sure you offer everybody in the crowd the chance and opportunity to pick up some merchandise both that night and online!  Building your own list of followers and fans is not that difficult when you start using your mind. Rather than getting into arguments and making a fool of yourself, spend your time building up a list of loyal followers who genuinely enjoy your music and your personality – this is far more important than “any” publicity.

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