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Opinions: Ghana Music Is Not Popular Worldwide – CEO of Gentlemen Radio

The C.E.O. of Gentleman radio gave out some reasons why Ghanaian songs are only enjoyed by the Ghanaian communities abroad, and songs from Ghana are not popular at all in some other countries. I think he made his point and its up to you to decide if it’s relevant or totally out of line. Dont forget to leave your comments or contact him directly if you have issues to iron out with him…

Read his opinion below….

The main purpose of this article is to analyze why Ghana music is not popular around the World compared to our neighboring country Nigeria. Ghana music industry has been around for a long time but still haven’t break the ice to made it into World music. Ghana music industry has produced lot of great artists since the industry was established. The question now is why Ghana music is only popular in Ghana and Ghanaian communities abroad. Do you wonder why Nigeria music has gain popularity all over the world ? There are lot of things that contribute to situation and in this article I will break down why Ghana music is not popular around the world.

As C.e.o of entertainment business and also originated from Ghana it a concerned for me to find out why our music is not recognized in the world. I have done several interviews with artists, event promoters and some people abroad to find out why our music is not popular. In this article I will discuss three problems that I came across during my interviews with people. The first problem is The Language, Yes the dialect our artists used is not easy to understand. Even not everyone in Ghana understand the twi or fanti language our artist use. Someone from the Northern part of Ghana can’t even relate to the song so how would you expert a foreigner to understand.

Nigeria music is more recognized by foreigners because they use English ,broken English, and their dialect. P Square , Davido ,Wizkid and many more write and sing in the language I have stated above. Whether you are Nigerian or not you can understand what they singing. Many Africans play Nigerian music in their houses here in abroad,though they not Nigerian. The way forward for Ghanaian artists is to start using our common language which is the English for their songs so that others can understand what they saying. The second problem about our music is how artists title their songs.

The fact is, not everyone can read the twi or fanti titles. I’m Ghanaian but sometimes i cant even read the song titles. Tell me how a foreigner would be able to pronounce the title. If you pay close attention to how Nigerian artist title their songs it mostly in English. Let me give some examples.. P.square .. Personally , no be easy, chop money…. wizkid, Iyanya , j.martin and davido and more artists title their song in English. It make it easy for someone who is not even AFRICAN to check their songs just by the title. My suggestion to all Ghanaian artists is to start using this techniques to attract people to check out our songs. Sarkodie and R2bees are Ghanaian artists that have made songs that have capture world recognition. More to come..stay tune…

Written by Djfrank. C.E.O Of Online radio—Gentlemenradio and also C.E.O of Gentlemenradio record label. If you have any suggestions for this article please email me at gentlemenradioo@gmail.com thank you.

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