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5 Things Upcoming Music Artistes Should Consider Before Getting Into Music

Considering moving into the musical world? If you are, then you may be fully aware of the many challenges that await you. Much like any industry, for every prodigy that seems to be appearing every year there are thousands of failed prodigies who never make it beyond the very earliest stages. Music is the same. For every new Robert Plant you hear of, maybe only one of them will have the desire and application to take their future forward and to really make a mark on the music scene. There are some key decisions to be thought about before you try and get into music as a full time career, such as;


Are you good enough to play and entertain on your own, or do you need the help of a trusty band to make it work? If it’s the latter, you need to make sure that your relationship with your band mates is as comfortable and friendly as possible – you don’t want to take any chances when it comes to success if you and your band mates don’t see eye to eye.

Are My Lyrics Unique?

While many people get by these days writing sub-standard lyrics, if you want to stand out you need to be as good a songwriter as you are a player. Is this something you can really do, or are you another part of the “Baby, baby” brigade? Lyrics are vital to good music these days, so if you can’t write to save yourself it’s better to work with somebody who can before getting into the industry…

Can I Take Criticism?

Music is full of critique and panning – you need to be able to keep your head up and deal with this. Not everybody will like your music (if you look close enough, somebody out there will think Kendrick Lamar is terrible) and accepting this is an absolute key aspect of becoming a talented and reliable musician

Can I Work With Others?

You need to be ready to deal with media, with suits and with all sorts of administrative types as a successful musician. Can you smile and nod when you know the person shaking your hand would just love to stab you in the back if it made them richer? The music industry is dog-eat-dog, so can you put on the charade long enough to become big?

How Do You Progress?

Progression is an obvious necessity – if you feel that in the last two years you have only marginally improved or not improved at all, then music is better as a hobby. If you have hit a plateau then trying to turn it into a career can quickly kill your love and ambition of being a musician stone dead and turn you away from music completely.
These are some of the most common problems that young musicians run into when they first get started – try and make sure that you can answer all of these positively before moving into the industry, you could save yourself a lot of time, money and emotion!


If you have any other tips, dont hesitate to list them in the comment box below….

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