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FOKN Bois Featured On CNN’s “On The Road Ghana”

Believe it or not, Hiplife is the only original Ghanaian Genre recognized worldwide. On CNN’s “On The Road Ghana”, The FOKN Bois were featured and they did give more insight about what they do and why they do it. FOKN Bois are known for their unique way of making music and how they present it to the public when they climb the stage. They make you have a feeling of original and raw music right from the live instruments to the lyrics.

As M3nsah told the CNN crew; they are trying their very best to make their music much Ghanaian as possible. Wanlov added “It makes us to be able to express ourselves the most possible. Because if we are supposed to do a song in a style of American, a style of Jamaican or a style of a British, we will lose certain inflections and its not authentic.

I think I will totally agree with the FOKN Bois on this one because, I believe you can only tell your own story best than trying to fit yourself in a situation you have never experienced personally. For instance, an American rapper talks about being in his Rolls Royce and driving on the Highway, living in his Condo, etc. A Ghanaian artist who has probably never seen how the inside of a Rolls Royce looks like, can never express that “Real” feeling in anyway! They ignore the rich Ghanaian lifestyle and rather try too hard to talk about the Impossible.

Music producer, Panji Anoff who was also referred as “The Man Trying To Expose Local Music To The World” added “People throughout the whole world have been listening to African music for the last 40, 50 years anyway, but they have just been listening to Africa music via America,or Africa music via London, or African music via Jamaican or African music via Brazil. In the 21st Century they are going to listen to African music straight from Africa.

He went on by saying “Hiphop has become mainstream in America… but Hiplife has always been the mainstream in Ghana. The moment the first hiplife song became popular, Hiplife was everywhere…

It saddens me most artists doing Hiplife dont even know they are doing it, and they are always looking for a name to put on what they do. Reggie Rockstone defined Hiplife and whether they like it or not, Hiplife is the only original genre Ghana can actually boast of. You dont need to create your own Genre to become popular or known worldwide. Hiplife has changed the phace of Ghanaian music ever since it was introduced by Grandpapa. It made most of our successful artists today know you dont have to rap in English or use foreign beats to make a good music.

I am very happy to know Panji Anoff and his team are keeping the dream alive and sending the message out there. I must say its a big assurance and hope  that HIPLIFE is forever!

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