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Shatta Movement Founders Warns Bandana To Stop Abusing and Using The Name “Shatta Movement”

‘Before we say anything, we want readers and Ghana to know we are not after Bandana for his fame, money or anything he has. All we want him to do is to stop abusing the Shatta Movement brand and it’s meaning for we stand by it.’

So what does the Shatta Movement Family want from Bandana? Is it because he is now famous? A question Ghanaians will ask, over and over again.

‘The Shatta Movement Family does not want anything from Bandana; we don’t want his fame or money. What money does he even have, let me ask? All we want him to do is to stop using the name and most importantly to stop giving it a different meaning in the eyes of Ghanaians.’

We own and registered SHATTA MOVEMENT FAMILY. It is set up to do business with corporate bodies. The Shatta Movement Family is an events and production company but because he (Bandana) is misusing and giving corporate Ghana the wrong impression about the name securing deals gets difficult and that is the very reason why we want him to stop abusing the name.

According to the founders, Shatta Movement is not ‘dirty’, violence or noisy but it was formed as a movement to empower the youth who legally have made or want to make something out of nothing in life.

Sly Shatta (based in America) started the Sly – Ent which was a studio based in Darkuman Nyametse and pushing dancehall music. When Sly Shatta met Cyfa & Juwaid they agreed to together form the shatta movement with others such as and Abarture (based in Germany) and Abas based in South Africa. Then the agenda was set straight with the movement formed to propagate the good deeds of young people in society.

From there the need for longevity hence they set to start promotion and for every brand to sell well and fast it needs music hence the introduction of Bandana.

Cyfa explained the movement as: ‘we believed in being there for one another as young people, we believed in making sure every young person gets to achieve a dream, we do not believe in violence, noise or dirty things but these are the exact meaning Bandana is giving to movement.’

‘We brought Bandana into the movement in 2010, that time his fame had died out but I convinced family to support me so we bring his fame back, Juwaid noted.

He mentioned that, Shatta Movement family solved a problem for Bandana and he fell in love with the family hence the support for him also started from there.

For prove, readers can check these two videos on youtube with one dated September 19th 2011 shot inside Nima ghettos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsylcAdfEkY and Come to my room http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4EHoNsWzhQ which was directed by Mr. Logic also a member of the Shatta Movement family but runs the company the ‘Bad people Entertainment.

Mr. Logic also added his voice and said: ‘My brothers (Cyfa & Juwaid) brought Bandana to me when I was at x95.1fm. That time I saw his promo CD and it had ‘Chockstillsquad’ written on it. So I asked him where he belongs and he said openly that he was with that squad but now he is with the ‘Shatta Movement family’.

‘The story between us (Shatta Movement Family) and Bandana is a long one but what we want Ghanaians to know is that, Bandana left the family some few years ago. Before that time we had fought and tried for him to stand on his feet. We had made sure he got a slot to perform during the Movado concert, took him to open house party jam in Dansoman organized by DJ Black but he left family because one evening inside Enso-nyame-ye he wanted to do something the family does not support, we disagreed and he felt disrespected so walked away.

The Shatta Movement family is now saying enough is enough; Bandana has succeeded in throwing dust into the eyes of Ghanaians as the owner of the brand name ‘Shatta Movement while he does not understand the meaning.

SOURCE: Ghanamusic.com


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