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Opinion: Stop Hating On Samini!!

Yaw Prempeh (Writer):

First of all, I want to thank Loud Sound Ghana for giving us the opportunity to put our voices out to the public. Before i start with what I want to say, I want to know why most of these dancehall artistes say Samini is blocking their shine? Is Samini God?

I hate it so much when other people try to sound as if their success depends on their fellow artistes. Its been so many years now and Shatta Wale wont stop saying “Samini is blocking my shine” Really? Now that he is one of the top artistes in the country, did Samini play a role in that?

I very much remember so many years ago when nobody knows who Batman was. I was at a street carnival in front of Glenns Nite Club in Adabraka (I don’t know if i spell it correctly) with a very close friend, and I recall Samini walking into the bar in a sleeveless buttoned shirt with a pair of Compact Discs in his hand and he was with his younger brother I believe. He walked up to us and said “Yo Brethrens, My name is Batman” we actually burst out laughing and said “Your man too go be Robin ooo” and they both laughed. He told us he is about to perform at the carnival so he wants us to come out and support him.

That is what I call determination!! The dude picked his fans from the street. No media hype and no endorsements at that time. My question to all these dancehall artistes hating on him now is; where were you when the dude was hustling in his sleveless shirt and pair of Blue Jeans? The day we heard his hit song “Linda” on air, we were all amazed and we (me and my friend) said “This guy be serious guy”

I may not know what Samini has to go through to become what he is now but what I have experienced myself is what im saying.

Now, this is my biggest problem about these other dancehall artistes…

They say Samini is not a dancehall artiste but he does “Gyama”…

If i listen to Sonni Balli, Yoggi Doggi, Root I and the rest those days, i bet they did the same style and nobody said nothing. Now they say he (Samini) stole Sonni Balli’s style. Really? He stole the “Gyama” style? Now its wack because he is using it?

Sometimes im very disappointed in Bandana a.k.a. Shatta Wale because, he claims he is so close to Samini and he cant settle issues with him like a friend but instead go on shows and publicly destroy Samini’s image by calling him names and making everybody believe he is behind his downfall. What i found totally out of the line was telling the whole the world he smokes “Ganja” with Samini and his Manager. What has that got to do with anything? He said this in an interview with Pope Skinny On Kasahare Level somewhere last year 2012, Calling Samini a liar and “BomboClat” on air and you go back telling him he should forgive you and do a song with you… Well if i was Samini, I will react the same way. Then all of a sudden you come back to diss him again.

I really believe most of these artistes are confused and just hate on Samini for nothing! I want to end this by saying i am not a friend of Samini and the only time i met him was that day he approached us and begged for our support.

Its about time these artistes feed us with inspirational songs and songs we can relax to, instead of Dissing each other. They forget about us the fans just because they want to bring one person down. Samini will always be Samini so i will advice everybody else to be himself too!

Thank you for reading and thanks to Loud Sound Ghana once more… I really appreciate!

Yaw Prempeh

What do you think about Yaw Prempeh’s opinion? Dont hesitate to tell us what you think… let your views be known…

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