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Dada Hafco Taking Over The Airwaves With Vroom Vroom

Terry Boamah, known in showbiz as Dada Hafco is on the build up to his first Studio Album titled ‘NEW ERA’ for the year 2014… Dada Hafco released his second major single on the upcoming New Era Album titled  #VROOM VROOM

The single #VROOM VROOM which is set to become a household song is a danceable Hiplife tune which can best be described as a matured party song.
The main theme of the song is INFIDELITY. The song advices listeners especially ladies to stop going round having indiscriminate sex for fame and money but rather live a healthy God fearing life that has positive impact on the populace and the world as a whole.
Dada Hafco said in an interview that, “It’s time we bring back good quality lyrics into our songs because music is suppose to Entertain, Inform, Educate and Encourage listeners”

#VROOM VROOM is a danceable song that would fit the Azonto and Alqaeda dance but Dada Hafco promises to release the Official #Vroom Vroom dance in his upcoming video for #Vroom Vroom. After Dada Hafco’s verse, the song breaks into a chorus and then calls in a beautiful bridge from Praye Choirmaster, followed by a short punchy verse from Praye Big Jay. Praye Choirmaster and Praye Big Jay were at their best on this song and listeners are bound to stay on the dance floor and keep the song on repeat.
#VROOM VROOM was released on radio and online through social media on THURSDAY 21ST OF NOVEMBER 2013 AT 1PM.


Alright Ephraim beat
Vroom vroom vro vro vroom vroom
We no get light, spark the generator for me
Vroom vroom vro vro vroom vroom
Dada Hafco
Vroom vroom vro vro vroom vroom
Vroom vroom vro vro vroom vroom

CHORUS 2X>>>>Dada Hafco & Praye
Dem go ride you
Vroom vroom vro vro vroom vroom
Like okada
Vroom vroom vro vro vroom vroom
Herr enti wonsuro
Vroom vroom vro vro vroom vroom
Y33be ride wo
Vroom vroom vro vro vroom vroom

HOOK>>>>>Dada Hafco & Praye
OOh wey oh wey ooh wey
Herr wode kyeky3 anaa
OOh wey oh wey ooh wey
Wode saa nenam Ghana
OOh wey oh wey ooh wey
Wode ak) ak)pie naija
OOh wey oh wey ooh wey
Dedemu apie south africa

FIRST VERSE>>>>Dada Hafco
Wode3 nante h) na y3 ad)nk3
Na hyehy3 woho fakyer3 ahwehw3
Gyina gyina guarantee so fa woto kyer3
Maama yi nso b3ma wo nea wop3
Wo nono s3 ade3sa, wooy3 ak)
)mo nso betwi wo s3 tractor
Yi akyea bra, wobenya driver
)B3ka wom s3 articulator
Lady lady gyina h) na menka wo asem bi
Maybe,u don’t know gyina h) na menka wo asem bi
Saa body no a 3gyna h) no,baama biaa de wo bey3 ne target enti 3mma ne mfa wo ntwa ne project
3ny3 saa wobegye wani so

SECOND VERSE>>>>>Praye (Choirmaster & Big J)
Spark the generator
On the incubator
Unleash the predator
Mr Romantical
This be magical 2X
Big Jay
Its about me and you
Show me what you can do
What you dey do me be taboo
So prepare for my school
Make you no dey think say abi fool
Ago ride you like a muuu
So make you dey gimme gimme gimme


HOOK 2X till fade

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his beautiful masterpiece was engineered by Ephraim (@ephraimmusiq).
Follow Dada Hafco on twitter : @dadahafco and @teamdadahafco
Like Dada Hafco on Facebook : www.facebook.com/dadahafco
Add him on BBM : 23608BE4 and 220BF28E
For booking and endorsements, contact Airtime Records on 0205-387087 / 0246-550298

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