Barima Sidney Addresses The President in his new song “Donkomi”


This is a new single from Barima Sidney and he calls this “Donkomi”! Donkomi is usually a term used when there is a bid on an item or property and its reduced to clear… (Sounds more like that though)… So According to Sidney, The people of Ghana sent him to deliver this message to the president of the republic of Ghana. The rapper addresses very pressing issues facing the the country and what the people are always complaining about.

A couple of days ago, it was all over the news that the rapper was invited by the BNI to explain the video for this song which features the president himself. I dont know how this went but, i will sure let ya’ll know what happened and also share the video with you as soon as its available… Download mp3 and listen to the song below… Tell us what you think as well…

[wpdm_file id=274]

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