VIDEO: As Wholes "Ghana Witches Part 1 & 2" (Witching Hour)

As Wholes "Ghana Witches Part 1 & 2" (Witching Hour)

Brand new video from the newest African rap sensation “As Wholes” which is made up of Quabena Shy and Billy Banger… Both artistes does solo sometimes, but when they happen to switch their Duo Mode on, its a disaster!! This is a new video they titled “Ghana Witches 1 and 2” (Witching Hour)…

The only word I can use to describe this video is “Hilarious”! Its just a handful of people in this video but its definitely gonna make you laugh at some point! I guess the Ghanaian witches are really gonna get mad at this video! Im not trying to compare things here; but when you take FOKN Bois out of the picture, I see “As Wholes”!!

Lets watchout for what they will be bringing us next!! Enjoy the video below and share!


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