The Voice Behind Alhaji – Kay Dizzle

The Voice Behind Alhaji - Kay Dizzle

Who at all is this Alhaji guy? We have all recently been hearing a particular voice in some of the new tunes that have some of Ghana’s big artists on them. D-Black’s Black Avenue Music’s recent single Alhaji has been making a lot of waves and almost everyone who hears the song talks more about the intro and outro than even the song itself.

People wondered who was the person on the intro and outro. The same with T-Phlow’s brand new tune titled Photocopy. Who at all is the voice behind all these catchy intros? Well we have finally found out who it is. He is the one people call THE REAL ALHAJI. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry and now its his time to shine. Now one of the most sought after people just to even do intros whiles also killing verses, he has now carved a niche for himself and is as unique as can be with his style of music.

He already made it in the UK and now he is quickly rising to the top on the Ghanaian and African scene. We have all probably heard his voice on radio and if you’ve ever listened to ‘Stupid Music’ you would already know who this is. his new single titled ‘Abiba’ also contains one of his catchy intros and hooks which will have you bumping your head all through!!



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