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Lyrics: Sarkodie "Illuminati" Prod by Magnom

Sarkodie "Illuminati" Prod by Magnom

Arhh, yeah, ahah, arhh

Yo, tia First na monka masem, fis3 na meni bi
Enn3 cash aba nti mob3 fr3 me illuminati
sorry, moany3 lucky on my way to grammy
mako join group wae anka men push bugatti
me i think its funny, cuz i keep on making money
twadiampon no blessing reflect tis3 tsunami
DJ Mensah, Kess ne Giovanni
Nyankopon se 3ma men shaky walking through the valley
you believe in Juju i believe in power
Kristofo) a mo doubt Nyame, mo gyedia mu3ha s3 asaawa
Nyame tw3n me heaven, i dont have to give up
moa mosei me din no, monni vim, you better speak up
me swag, me chemistry, me flow, y3 legendry
3mfa soho 3ncompare Sarkodie cuz i’m da best you’ve ever seen
me style especially me hustle, me courtesy
ma bri me mogya anim a hustle afe3  mose mey3 illuminati


afe3 die33 omo se sarkodie oy3 illuminati

tie, hw3 pause beat no second
i think its controversial
baileys fo) contacti me, omo p3 commercial
half a milli, for me, never
afei die33 oma double up, next time, better

the Lord is still my shepherd, aponkye biara nni crossing
mo feel s3 m3 speed up, still mehu no s3 trotting
Sammy Forson, you better do the talking
ma moo nti ase3 cash ahe a me spendi just on shopping

mey3 mason koraa aka meny3 free, i swear walaahi
mey3 illuminati anka mentu nkotina Hawaii
Nyankopon ni makoky3m, me mefr3 no daddy
nti daa me praisi Yesu still aa mose mey3 illuminati


afe3 die33 omo se sarkodie oy3 illuminati

te3, afe3 moti me ni aa na moti pai mo
nti mey3 bonsam, s3 modi nkra no
akoma moadanfo fo)
aba no saa no, s3 mo de3 adwen fen nti Nyame nhyira mo
3ny3 mo na mo hw3 me nti montumi nkyere me foko
mofeeli me style, me flow ne me shoto
mop3 s3 mo claimi 3nso mona moni kobo
Moni no be problem, 3no eni me moto
3ny3 mona me nia medi nti woka meho as3m aa, menka no by force
omo si Obidi y3 illuminati, gyae rough
y3 di Nyame so ne titi me
nti na me ba stage aa, me se oh my God
ma me nkyere mos3 Nyame na way3 efis3 mogyedi tis3 Nylon
wob3 wu ansa na wanya din pa
Asamoah Gyan na oy3 aginkwa
nfumso) baako na biribia asesa
wobe hwe na wodin apepa
ad3n na mose mey3 Demon
Obidi my legacy go live on
Rap no 3hye ma ti s3 weavon
mey3 stubborn but m3nfr3 me illuminati


afe3 die33 omo se sarkodie oy3 illuminati

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