EXCLUSIVE: Kwesi Slay ”Me Wo Odo” Prod By King One Beatz (@Kwesi_Slay)

Its finally here!! Kwesi Slay has finally released the banger; ”Me Wo Odo” for free download! This music was premiered on the Y Campus Express with JOEL (YFM) as the hot pick of the week!! Kwesi Slay, who is climbing up in the game gradually, and with no doubt caught the attention of many, is working more harder to bring quality music to all Ghanaians and to all those who still believe in HipLife.
”Me Wo Odo” which literally mean ”I Have Love” talks about how people usually choose money and other things of love and how it affects the real definition of love. Kwesi told the story in a way that will make you relate and get the whole concept just after the first few lines. As I always say; story telling is the core of music…

I am loving this piece and totally recommend you give it a listen and soak the deep and valuable contents it comes with. Kwesi Slay will be dropping more music for ya’ll to enjoy. He is one person you need to watch out for!!  Download this for free and make sure you share!!
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