Crunk Is Back: Skonti and Fimfim ”Crunk Kweku Ananse” REMIX Prod by Skonti (KBM) @Skontigh

Skonti and Fimfim ''Crunk Kweku Ananse'' Prod by Skonti (KBM)

Skonti and Fimfim are bringing ”Crunk” Music Back! “Crunk Kweku Ananse” was done originally by Skonti so many years back, when Crunk music was the trend that time! The remix is here and it gets more better than ever!

Skonti who is a producer and rapper seems to be on his level this year by releasing tracks after tracks! Fimfim on the other hand geared up massively this year with more releases. I can boldly say these two rappers just know rap and understand what it takes to make good music.

I need not to beat around the bush since the real thing is here for you to listen. Its the remix people; and its kinda making me have the feeling “Crunk Music” will be shooting up again soon!

Listen, download and know what I’m talking about! They are gonna take you way back into time but will still make you feel the freshness of the lyrics! Enjoy!!


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