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Read This: OKYEREMA Advises Awal and Tuutulapato’s Management

OKYEREMA Advises Awal and Tuutulapato's Management

Its awesome to see kids putting words together on a beat to put out a song all by themselves… Sometimes, they say things that is totally above what someone at their age could say… The kind of words they put together and rhyme with it; is something that leaves questions in the minds of many. Two of those kinds popularly known are Awal of Rap University and Tuutulapato.

These young guys just took Ghana by surprise as they got the chance to unleash their talents. However, there some things we need to pay attention to; knowing they are young and loved by many kids out there. One thing Im not sure about is how they get their lyrics. Tuutulapato on several occasions said he does not seek assistance from anyone when putting his lyrics together. The most shocking part is; he does not write his lyrics at all…

OKYEREMA, a Hiplife artiste and the front liner for ASHANTIMONKFUNK did raise an issue about the contents these kids put in their songs… He expressed his concern on facebook this afternoon… I quote

I think Awal and Tutulapato need some serious management. Some of their lyrics doesn’t match their age at all. Almost all.

He went further to explain in details…

Even some of these grown ups doesn’t know what they are doing… How much more a boy at his age? Lil Romeo n’ Lil Bow Wow could have spit about guns and whores in their raps when they dropped their 1st debut cos thats very common in yAnkee. Plus their Godfathers were/are gangstaz, talking of Lil’ Romeo’s father Master P n Lil’ Bow Wow’s uncle, Snoop Dogg. But they were properly directed and well managed! Another examples are young stars Hannah Montana, Sean Kingston n’ Justin Bieber or what ever his name is… Lol They do things accordingly, as to their (teen) age/ college-life n’ features their age mates in their videos. Not oversize. They did not speak sh*t and diss b*tches till their d*cks were strong enuff to f*ck. Lol #PopeSkinny #Awalmanagement #DoSomething

I strongly believe this is an issue they should take seriously because, these young guys are like role models to our children, nieces, nephews, etc… These young ”Stars” attend kid’s programmes to perform those same tracks and they are allowed to this freely in front of a bunch of small boys and girls… What kind of messages are these kids taking from their ”Role Model’s”?

I personally like both artistes (Awal and Tuutulapato) but lets not forget they are young and most of their listeners are kids just like them, even though they are loved by adults too. I pray this gets to their management so they can dilute their lyrics and make them ”Child Friendly”

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