New Music: Praye ft Dash Kidz ”Thats OK” Prod by Infectious

Praye ft Dash Kidz ''Thats OK'' Prod by Infectious

Brand new one from the duo; Praye featuring Dash Kidz and they call this one ”Thats Ok”… I really paid attention to this song listening to it over and over again to get what this music is really pointing. But I guess im not good at figuring out things easily… lyrics like ”Im very angry and if I had the chance, I will ask the Ghanaian music industry one question… and see if they can answer” (Translated) and ”Shouts to My baby violin, you got some teeth so you want to eat sardin”

I got it all twisted at the rap side which says ”If you want me to remove ”it”, its ok… its free of charge and you dont have to pay, if you dont know me ask Big J… I need more money, i need more dough… without no money, then there is no show… without no show, then there is no you… without no you, then there is no me”

Big J topped it all by saying ”how could you ever think without you, Praye wont do good? Two heads are better than one… Even Bonjour (Name of a food joint) is still called On The Run…”

I am a bit confused about what this music is trying to talk about or attack; but one thing im sure of is, its addressing a pressing issue. Im loving the hook and every bit of the song. Listen and download below and get the whole picture!!!


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