Alkayida to Hiphop: Guru ”Like My Fada” Prod by Skonti (KBM)

Guru ''Like My Fada'' Prod by Skonti (KBM)

Guru goes all hiphop on this one he calls it ”Like My Fada” I think Guru just made a little switch after dropping more Azonto and Alkayida tracks… Point is well made here… Versatility is something Guru has and this also means, he can switch to any style and any point in time…

Guru said he has set the pace (Alkayida) and everybody wants to dance… If what im thinking is what he meant, then I guess a lot of people are gonna switch to Hiphop real soon!! The sick beat is produced by Skonti of Krazy Beat Makers (KBM). You need to feel this beat and understand why they are called Krazy Beat Makers… Enjoy this new hiphop by Guru!!


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