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LoudSoundGH Top 20 Cover Arts For April And May…

Our monthly cover art review is here again combining April and May together. Due to work overload in April, we were not able to bring you the compilation. We therefore present you our top 20 artworks for the month of May and April.

These are our opinion and what we think about the following artworks. The artworks listed below are the ones we think tells the story of the artist or the song. They are not arranged in any particular order….

These are the LoudSoundGH top 20 artworks for April and May…

LoudSoundGH Top 20 Cover Arts For April And May

Lime 2, Gin 1 – Proconcept Compilation. Obviously this was supposed to be a commercial for Gin and Lime combination which features some of the hardest rappers in the game right now.

The cover clearly shows what the song is about and I could just take this cover art and know what exactly the song will be about.

You see the ”Iced Gin” with the slice of lime floating beneath the ice cubes… It just got as simple as it could and tells the story with no destruction at all…

LoudSoundGH Top 20 Cover Arts For April And May

Devil In My Temple – Cabum. Before this music was released, the artwork already attracted a lot attention. Some people had a whole different concept about the music and tagged it as ”Evil Overtaking Light” which was the case but was not really the concept Cabum had in mind.

Listening to the music, he was stuck between 2 forces and trying to make his decisions. Its obvious he was already in the ”Light” but had difficulties and the darker side is rather promising him a BRIGHTER life. The temple is where he already is and the devil is trying to invade. As you can see from the art, he is stuck in – between good and evil. Thats a really creative and controversial artwork there!

LoudSoundGH Top 20 Cover Arts For April And May

Chase Da Money – Blixxy The Rap King. Hustlers chase the money and Blixxy the Rap King made that clear in this cover art. You will see Blixxy relaxed in his sofa with bundles of money packed at various positions on his table with his both legs resting on the table…

What I saw in this cover is; the cloudy weather might probably mean tough situations, that is behind him; meaning he went through that and now relaxed with the money all over him. Again, we see no destruction and the art is on the subject. This art will sure tell you what the music is about.

LoudSoundGH Top 20 Cover Arts For April And May

Igwe – Episode. Igwe is supposed to be a Nigerian word which means KING or Your Highness if i am not throwing dust into people’s eyes… But this cover art does show the ”supremeness” of Episode.

In the music, he said he is the Dancehall king in Ghana and he is back to take his title. You see two statues of Lions on both sides and very iconic symbols of Ghana beneath him…. I guess this shows his mightiness over Ghana as the king of Dancehall and to top it all, his expensively decorated crown. Well, everyone can notice a ”KING” in the cover art

LoudSoundGH Top 20 Cover Arts For April And May

Lights On – Yung Boss. This is a very simple but deep cover art. Yung Boss had a simple message in this music and I guess the art could give you an idea about what the song is about. 

The artwork just shows two lights in the dark with some sort of extraordinary glow. When i saw the lights, i was thinking they were a pair of earrings but taking a closer look made me realize its actually bulbs fixed in some sort of glass container. Very simple but catchy artwork.

LoudSoundGH Top 20 Cover Arts For April And May

I Rule – Kobla. This was off his G.O.E (God Over Everything) Mixtape. Kobla says he ”RULEs” and looking at this cover art, you see something more intense than a normal King…

This looks like a whole Kingdom and something out of this world. Its like a whole new realm, which I think says something about the kind of ruler he is. He rules a peculiar kingdom and that kingdom is music.

You need much talent to be able to do music, and to be called the king in the music world, you need special abilities… This makes sense to me when this cover art represents ”I Rule”

LoudSoundGH Top 20 Cover Arts For April And May

LoudSoundGH Cypher For April. For the first time we see some connection between the ”Cypher” idea and the artwork that came with it. We usually get people who does the art for us and we really appreciate every single one of them but this shows something more ”wild” and ”crazy”.

The art had our traditional Green and Black colours and the ”CYPHER” written with Ghanaian colours across it and leaving some cracks in it. That makes the art catchy and very communicative.

LoudSoundGH Top 20 Cover Arts For April And May

Gimme Dat – D3. This artwork was done is different ways and we chose this one because you can see the ”Gimme Dat” in the art…

The girls are trying to reach out for something and the look on their faces really shows they are craving for it! Im not here to tell you what they are craving for or what the music was about. But you can just check the song out and you will understand what this ”Gimme Dat” thing is all about…

LoudSoundGH Top 20 Cover Arts For April And May

Chuk Am – Gage. Do I have to write something about this too? Or you may not understand what ”Chuk Am” means? LOL!! The London boy just had to get the whole message from the music unto the cover art.

Chuk Am is all you see in there. I may say the cover art and the music just work hand in hand. Its happening right here people! You dont need to be told!

LoudSoundGH Top 20 Cover Arts For April And May

LoudSoundGH Favorite Playlist. As the name goes, this was a mix compiled by Dj Baddo from Nigeria as a gift the LoudSoundGH and to the upcoming artists who’s tracks were featured in the mix. 

The art shows the turn tables and some disco effects with some people having fun in there… How simple could this be expressed in an artwork? It makes a lot of sense and this is why its counted in our top 20 artworks.

LoudSoundGH Top 20 Cover Arts For April And May

Marry Me – Cho Baby. This is almost like a video shoot for me… Cho baby actually spent time to get a real shot of himself in a black suit, a rose in his left hand and a ring in the right.

This is absolutely a very romantic way to ask someone to marry you. (Talking to the guys though… Dont know if women propose that way too… LOL) But on a serious note, this is one classic cover art and got a very romantic connection to the song itself. 

LoudSoundGH Top 20 Cover Arts For April And May

Getting Paid – T Bone. The Nigerian rapper T Bone rather chose to play with the words on this cover art. The artwork got a good taste of colour choice and lettering is just perfect. The ”PAID” filled up with bundles of money and ”scary-like” background…

If i saw this without the track, i would say its a movie poster. Just because its well presented and simple.

LoudSoundGH Top 20 Cover Arts For April And May

FanteDote Mixtape – Kahaz. I dont know if monkeys are very common in the Fanteland but the rapper rather chose to keep things ”African” on this cover art. 

I think it portrays the African culture and our rich values. You see some ancient African arts in the background which I can say expresses the rich Ancient Africa wall paintings. From our point of view, Kahaz kept everything traditional. From the art to the whole mixtape!

LoudSoundGH Top 20 Cover Arts For April And May

Mothers Day – Spydee. We saw a lot of artworks when it was mothers day. But spydee’s artwork explains the importance of ”Mothers” showing a couple of women carrying their children at the back and some at the front. The whole idea is to show the sufferings of our mothers and how thankful we are to them on a special day as the ”Mothers Day” 

Art work was on point and this got great connection with the song itself.

LoudSoundGH Top 20 Cover Arts For April And May

To My Ex – Tenkorang. Tenkorang wrote a letter to his Ex in this music addressing some very personal issues… But whiles he writes his letter, the memory of the girl still runs in his mind. 

Even though it looks too foreign, I still think it says something about the song and the concept is still on point.

LoudSoundGH Top 20 Cover Arts For April And May

Party Gbee – D Black. The Ghana Bwoy A.k.a. Alhaji Kiti did create a very funny cover art for his single Party Gbee… A party Gbee is someone who takes advantage of every party and try to enjoy every bit of it.

D Black looks like he wants to take the whole party to his house or to the next part. 3 different kinds of drink, and a plate full of stuffs to bite. Oh… and his little party hat! LOL! This is one funny cover art and you must listen to the song as well!! 

LoudSoundGH Top 20 Cover Arts For April And May

My Story – Obibini. Obibini said a very beautiful story about his career and other things around him. In this art you see a piece of paper with somethings written on it and a microphone standing by for him to tell his story after writing it.

In my point of view, this is like writing a story and telling the whole world about the story. This makes sense and I think its a very creative artwork.

LoudSoundGH Top 20 Cover Arts For April And May

Touch Of Magic Mixtape  – Fatao Cue and Kojo Cue. This shows the Magic by which this Mixtape was derived from. You see a huge book and a magic wand commanding some musical notes out of it. 

The lettering looks magical and there is no other way to explain ”Touch Of Magic” much better than this. Great artwork with a golden touch of Magic.

LoudSoundGH Top 20 Cover Arts For April And May

Mary J – Moelogo. Well, this was one of my favorite; probably because its about the sweet girl ”Mary J” You need not to look further to see Mary J all over Moelogo.

If you cant see Mary J in this art, then I guess you need a third eye to see Mary J all over the place.

LoudSoundGH Top 20 Cover Arts For April And May

Beautiful – X.O. Senavoe. What you see in this cover art is the definition of beauty. The lady in the cover art is dressed in traditional stuffs. I cant really tell if that is a ”war gear” or ”Ceremonial Gear” but whatever it is, brings out the beauty of this African lady and makes her look unique.

Beauty in the eyes of the beholder but I bet most people will find her beautiful

You can tell us what you think about the artworks too and those that you think shouldn’t have been here at all… We will love to hear your Views!!

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