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Nkrumah Never Saw The Promise Land…

Moses never saw the promise land
The Israelites did,

On his back He carried a bid

For liberation, Pharaoh wasn’t ready to auction

The price was wrong, But he threw to the wind caution

At all cost, he bought their freedom
Only for them to return

Slave to their own deeds.

Nkrumah never saw the promise land,
The Ghanaians did,

He fought boldly, whiles his people hid,

Watched, as he fought for them,

He won, And even though it was dim,

They saw a bright future, Of what we could be

But exile and death blindfolded him, and What we are now he can’t see.

Now Israel fight for land they’ve always owned,

Ghana run back to their slave masters

These two died at the hands of their people

Now both are cursed with stunted growth

How ingrates suffer at their own hands

For the poison they laced with the taste of freedom.

Then we ask why we are bitter,
Forgetting the taste of our own medicine lingers.

Author: Semanu

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