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Interview: Eyirap Talks About It All… (@EyirapGH)

Eyirap Talks About It All... (@EyirapGH)

She is one of the doppest Femcees in Ghana and she plays her part right in the music scene… She has been out of the news for sometime until she recently appeared in the Girlz Dorm Cypher which was in the news a couple of weeks ago…

Loud Sound Gh managed to get hold of Eyirap and we decided to go all ”Konkonsah” into her affairs and know what she is hiding from us. This is a short conversation we had with her…

LoudSoundGH: Hello Eyirap, we are glad to have you for a chat. Whats up?

Eyirap: Nothing much… and Im glad to be here too…

LoudSoundGH: Recently, you featured on the GIRLZ DORM CYPHER; but before that, you were not really visible on the social media like you used to. Are you trying to hide yourself or you are just busy trying to work on projects?

Eyirap: Yeah Im working on some Projects… like my video and some new songs. But Im not hiding myself like some people are thinking.

LoudSoundGH: Talking about videos, you promised to release ”RAP n ME” official video early this year and that never happened. Your fans will be very much disappointed… How do you explain that?

Eyirap: FloNet was responsible for me back then they were also in charge of my recordings, videos and all that; but im not with FloNet anymore for reasons I wouldn’t wanna talk about right now… Therefore since im not with them anymore, my new crew decided to shoot their own videos… So RAP n ME will be shot all over again.

LoudSoundGH: So you are no more signed to FloNet?


LoudSoundGH: So what Label are you signed to now?

Eyirap: I am not signed to any label yet… Not because they have not approached me, but I think I need to do a little bit of home works before i will consider signing anything with any label. But I have a crew Im working with now.

LoudSoundGH: Whats the name of your crew?

Eyirap: SoundBox 5 Origin (SB5)

LoudSoundGH: Nice… So which video are you shooting currently?

Eyirap: Im shooting PAIN… Infact, im done shooting just waiting for final touches… Its Directed by Dennis CTM…

LoudSoundGH: So why PAIN and not any of your songs? What is special about that song?

Eyirap: Settling issues with people i have problems with, is one of my works. Im opening a new chapter in my life and I dont wanna move on with a heavy heart or knowing I hurt people and Im to to say sorry but didn’t. All Im trying to say is; im sorry if iv’e ever wronged you, and I forgive you if you’ve ever wronged me. To you, you, you and you…

LoudSoundGH: Great! So do you have anything you wanna tell your fans?

Eyirap: I want my fans to know that I have them at heart and its because of them that I work so hard… Because when you recording, the first thing that comes in your mind is; Is this song good? will people love this song? Will my fans love this song? I wont promises but just stay strong and healthy for the surprises. Feel free to comment and follow me on twitter @EyirapGH… If there is anything you want me to know or do, tweet at me please…

LoudSoundGH: Great… Nice having you for a chat Eyirap… And we are anxiously waiting for the PAIN video.

Eyirap: Thank you for having me here and giving me the opportunity to reach out to my fans. Pain Video will be with you sooner than you think.

LoudSoundGH: Thank You!

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