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Interview: Dealer Roll Talks About ”Obidi Your Warning”

A couple of weeks ago, two young men sent us a track to be posted on LoudSoundGH titled ”Obidi Your Warning” A lot of people attacked us and asked us questions we could not answer. To make it simple, we got hold of Dealer Roll who made the track and featured Shankoma. Unfortunately, we could not get both of them for the interview. This is the conversation we had with Dealer Roll

LoudSoundGH: Good evening sir

DEALER ROLL: Good evening

LoudSoundGH: Thanks for responding to our interview request.

DEALER ROLL: You are welcome

LoudSoundGH: I will just hit the nail straight on the head… About a week ago we received a track title “Obidi Your Warning”… We you referring to Sarkodie the rapper?

DEALER ROLL: That’s right… straight up beef alert

LoudSoundGH: Do you have a personal beef with Sarkodie? Or you just decided to attack him because you probably don’t like him?

DEALER ROLL: I don’t have personal beef with him neither do I hate him but the fact is i have lyrical beef with him as an artist in Ghana,he must learn to edit his lyrics and respect those he came to meet in the game rather than stepping on every body’s toes and am stepping up to tell him that there are people in Ghana that can battle him.

LoudSoundGH: So all you were trying to do is to advice him to know what he should say in his rap and what he should not say?

DEALER ROLL: Not only that but to tell him to get prepared because the two kings are coming for him(Dealer Roll & Shankoma)

LoudSoundGH: In your rap, you sounded a bit personal… You said something about when he started as a broke rapper and he owes shankoma some money… Are they just lyrics or real talk?

DEALER ROLL: I have seen sarkodie & some artist i don’t to mention his name beggin money from shankoma after we have finished rapping on(Kasahare) hosted by Dr Duncun that time on Adom fm 106.3 so trust me every lyrics in that song has real meaning in normal life…

LoudSoundGH: Why did you choose to attack him through music? Is that the only option you had to tell him your mind and how you feel about his songs and lyrics?

DEALER ROLL: Because music i think is the best way to send any message across the world moreover that is the medium he also uses to disrespect his fellow artist in Ghana…

LoudSoundGH: Ok… So do you think attacking someone like Sarkodie in a track might affect your career as an upcoming artist? Because there is no doubt he got a lot of fans nationwide and worldwide. Do u think think that might affect you as an upcoming artist?

DEALER ROLL: Not at all because according to the response am getting seems like most people  are happy that finally somebody has been able to talk sense into him i have even been commended by a very top artist Ghana because of this song.

LoudSoundGH: Do u mind mentioning the Top Artist who condemned you?

DEALER ROLL: I don’t want to mention his name for reasons best known to me u will get to hear him because he has requested to ride on the same beat…

LoudSoundGH: Oh ok… You mean the artist condemned Sarkodie too?

DEALER ROLL: Yea… Seems like most artist want to bring out sound to tell him their mind i think this one has open the door for them…

LoudSoundGH: So you are the pace setter I must say… And are you hoping he replies back or u don’t really care if he replies or not?

DEALER ROLL: He can choose to do whatever what’s really matters to me was the message getting to him and has got to him so that’s all…

LoudSoundGH: Who brought the whole Idea of making the song “Obidi Your Warning” ? I’m asking this because more of the things was said in favor of Shankoma…

DEALER ROLL: The whole concept was mine but the fact is Obidi has got scores to settle with Shankoma which he must do something about it fast before he fades out of the system…
I don’t want to pin point it because sarkodie knows what am talking about u can ask him what he told me when we met @ Gimpa @ 50

LoudSoundGH: Do you mind telling me what he told you at Gimpa @ 50?

DEALER ROLL: I will only tell the world through music if he replies the warning…

LoudSoundGH: And if he does not reply, it remains a secret?

DEALER ROLL: Yes because i don’t want shankoma hear; but if he replies then it means he’s ready 4 war but not peace.

LoudSoundGH: Was what he told you about Shankoma?

DEALER ROLL: Yes…Which i know will provoke shankoma to confront him.

LoudSoundGH: I guess the whole beef is more personal than just an advice to him about his lyrical content.
Or I’m wrong about that?

DEALER ROLL: I think the song speaks louder.

LoudSoundGH: Ok… So I will just end the conversation here and we might call on u again when you have some more time.

DEALER ROLL: You are welcome big up Hype lyix,Teekay,old sodja,Shankoma,kwaata,Dunsin and all PMG music group,Ghanaians should watchout for new single titled (Taking Over)bless!!!!!!! Still king of the mountains!

LoudSoundGH: Thank you for being with us sir…

DEALER ROLL: You are most welcome…

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