Interview: Barima Pages (@BarimaPages) Talks About His Upcoming EPs and His Haters…

Barima Pages is preparing to drop 2 EPs and we decided to have a little talk with him to know details about these EPs to let his fans expect what he is cooking and what he is planning ahead… Read below…

LoudSoundGH: So Pages tell me a bit about your New EP

Barima Pages: They’re 2… Songs for women and For Tha Homies

LoudSoundGH: Are you releasing both at the same time?

Barima Pages: In the same week but diff days… Songs for women 1st. You know Ladies 1st, so…

LoudSoundGH: Absolutely… You always got the best stuffs for the ladies… (LOL)… So, the one for the ladies; basically love stories?

Barima Pages: (laughs)… Its kinda like Love songs. You know ladies love LOVE songs.

LoudSoundGH: Yeah right and how many love songs packed in there for the ladies?

Barima Pages: Its 5 songs on each EP. I got 4 love songs on the Songs For Women and 1 song dedicated to my mum. Its entitled “For my mama”

LoudSoundGH: How long have you been planning this?

Barima Pages: Close to a month now and I’m still recording the songs in the studio. We almost done… I wanna put out 5 mixtapes before the year ends

LoudSoundGH: You mean still recording the EP? Or new projects?

Barima Pages: The EP… #KIRM is already out there with 12 songs 

LoudSoundGH: When do you expect to get the EP completed?

Barima Pages: In April

LoudSoundGH: How is the one you made for the Hommies gonna sound like?

Barima Pages: Its a hip hop thingie… All rap Just for my n!ggas to bob their heads to…

LoudSoundGH: So let’s say its gonna be about the streets, popping in the club and all that?

Barima Pages: (laughs) nah I aint so gansta… Just feel good songs Like “Say Wassup” ft Medikal I’m telling em to holla at me when they see me in town…

LoudSoundGH: So its basically about you and how you relate to your hommies?

Barima Pages: Yeah man… And just flow Cos u know the homies love rap music. The EPs are gonna show my versatility and lyrical dexterity.

LoudSoundGH: Niice. And how many tracks for the hommies?

Barima Pages:  5 as well (See my dp) That’s the list

LoudSoundGH: Seen… 5 songs for each… So just give me a short detail about song on the EP… For Both.

Barima Pages: Superman ft Klu : just a cool song for nobody in particular. Its like some dude tryna say to a chick “he’ll do anything to have her so she should give him the chance to be with her”
Scared of lonely : I’m just expressing my fear of being lonely Tryna tell my lover to never leave me
For my mama : I’m expressing my love for my mother… I’m telling her I appreciate her love.
Am in love : a normal love song. I’m doing a duet with some Nana Yaa chick. She has a very strong voice.
I don’t wanna know : A Mario Winnans cover, just a song about “cheating” the idea is “if you’re cheating on me, don’t tell me. I don’t wanna know”

LoudSoundGH: Sounds interesting…

Barima Pages: Yeah man

LoudSoundGH: Which of the tracks is ur favorite?

Barima Pages: For my mama

LoudSoundGH: And the EP for the hommies?

Barima Pages: “Say Wassup”

LoudSoundGH: I can’t wait to listen to “Say Wassup” looks like that’s the main song from The EP.

Barima Pages: Haha the dude I’m featuring is dope!

LoudSoundGH: That is Medikal right?

Barima Pages: Yeah

LoudSoundGH: We are all waiting to hear the contents of that track… But one thing I have noticed is; you always go hard when it comes to “Non-Love” song

Barima Pages: Oh really? I rather find easy when its a love song

LoudSoundGH: Yeah… Oh maybe its just me… Its all about telling a dude to act right or talking to people about people hating on you… Do u have any personal beefs with any artist? Just asking though…

Barima Pages: (Lol) no beefs… Just that lotta folks hate on me, and it pisses me off… I ven my spleen on my songs.

LoudSoundGH: So I’m right about the hidden beef?

Barima Pages: Hidden? Nope Its just me expressing my anger towards my haters and Its not hidden, Its bare.

LoudSoundGH: Who are these haters? Are u gonna point them out someday and talk to them in the face? Or u just gonna do “Who the cap fit” thing… (LOL)

Barima Pages: (Lol) They know themselves.. People who try to deter me; but I’m still gonna do my thing and I’m not gonna quit no matter what they say to me.

LoudSoundGH: We are watching and I believe the whole world is watching… Maybe we might find some clues in your songs to know who they are…(Lol)

Barima Pages: (Lol) Silly

LoudSoundGH: We will talk about this more when we get much time… Do you have any final words for your fans ?

Barima Pages: They should watch out for more songs cos im working Non Stop.

LoudSoundGH: Yes Sir! Thanks for honoring our invitation and we hope to have you again sometime.

Barima Pages: My Pleasure…


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