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Ghana’s holy @FOKNBois were recently interviewed by a South African Hiphop magazine who didnt like their answers so didn’t publish the interview…here u go…

1. So you have both been solo artists what led to the formation of the crew Fokn Bois?

We knew each other and rapped together in High school before our solo careers even begun. FOKN Bois was formed 10 years later because the world needs this.

2. Why the name? Its rather explicit. I assume it was part of a statement that you were trying to make?

Yes. FOKN stands for Foes Of Kwame Nkrumah because he is no longer our role model (google Bishop Duncan Williams, our new role model, to know why). It used to be Fear Of Knowing Nothing, but we know everything now. For those who take FOKN as a word, that is also fine as it is used in Ghana to describe a person who you admire and detest at the same time.

3. When it comes to the creative process and working together how does that go down? Like M3NSA I have heard you make beats and Wanlov you are always known to be rather extreme, how does the dream come together in studio?

We listen to beats and rap extremely until we are extremely beat. Then we sleep and dream together.

4. You had success with Coz Ov Moni – how did you come up with the concept and are you surprised at the response from people around the world? Where has been the best response

:) It began as a concept album, a fictional Hiphop audio drama set in a day in Accra, Ghana about two guys who have plans for the night, but must first collect on a debt. Then as we were recording it the idea came to upgrade the project to a musical film. The best response we experienced was at the National Theatre in Ghana when premiered it to a few thousand cheering viewers. 

5. Mensa you are based in the UK what’s been the feedback from artists based there on your work and Fokn Bois as a crew?

Feedback has been good.

6. Wanlov I know you were in the states for a while, what’s the response like from that perspective?

Oh I think they like us.

7. As Fokn Bois I guess this should have been the first question what is the concept of the group?

Fear no topic. We see “politically incorrect”, “taboo” or “sensitive” topics as the artistic equivalent of scaling mount Everest, wrestling a lion or running a country in Africa without interference from the west. 

8. Is there a full length project coming out?

“FOKN Wit Ewe” is our debut full 15+ track album and will be out Valentine’s Day 14th February, 2012. Perfect date for 2 chocolaty guys who are FOKN.

9. Ghana is Africa’s best kept secret in Africa when it comes to the hip-hop scene, before we get into that though speak to me about Gh Rap vs Hip-life and where you guys see yourselves?

We do Gospel Porn Christian Rap. We are not into Gh Rape or Hype Life. 

10. We are used to humourous characters on stage and in recordings. Who are you guys outside the performances?

Single fathers, martyrs (according to British Terrorism Police) & humanitarians. Look out for our newly formed MUMUSA Foundation, raising funds to give dance classes to racist disabled mute musicians.

11. You guys are very proudly “Not Nigerian” you even say that in your profiles. Yet you get love from Naija, I know its satire but how did that all start out?

Correction: We are proudly “Not A Nigerians” coz we are Ghanaians, but we love Naija and appreciate the love Naija shows us. It all started when we were listening to a beat by Kwabena Jones and our manager Yemi (a Nigerian) called us on skype and disturbed the session aggressively. We got inspired immediately to rap the gospel chorus over Jones’ beat. So Nigerians should thank Yemi while we thank God.

12. Any SA acts you would like to work with?

FW de Klerk.

13. Finally why would you like to be white?

So we can feel at home in South Africa.

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