Weja B (@wejabee) – Emi Azonto + Gudugudu


Another talent rising from Naija! Ghana and Nigeria always got this great connection… Our music, movies and even our cultures have some similarities… Weja B is another brother who is bringing us good groove to dance with. Im dropping 2 of his latest singles… Emi Azonto and Gudugudu… Azonto blew me off when I listened to it and it did brought my Azonto swag out! No doubt Azonto has gone world wide!!

Gudugudu is another classic that got an original Naija flavor and it has that great story line i know my people will love!!! Well, just get these two tracks and experience the fresh talent emerging from Naija… One day, just remember this post and be proud you had Weja B’s first 2 singles from us. He is gonna blow up soon! Play It Loud!!

Emi Azonto

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