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INTERVIEW: Kojo Cue (@Kojo_Cue) On The Hot Seat.

After the release of ”Before We Shine 2Cremation Of Care, we tried to schedule some time with the man behind it all; Kojo Cue and try to get some little chit chat with him. Its always amazing how his releases go viral in just a couple of hours. On our platform, the Mixtape gained an unbelievable amount of downloads on the day of release. This is no news though; because Kojo always take over the internet through all social media platforms. He is one of our first artists to be promoted on our website (Was BraincKEnt then) I guess we are lucky enough to get him seated down for the lil chat… This is what we talked about….

Loud Sound Ghana (LSGH): How did the new project come together?

Ko-Jo Cue (K.C) – Well some of the songs on this are almost a year old. I put this project together after I went through an awakening sort of with regards to the kind of attitude one needs to adopt in other to succeed. The cremation of care is basically a mission statement. Also i realised I couldn’t drop The Shining just yet so I had to pacify the people with something in the mean time. I really took my time with it though to be honest.

LSGH: How do you balance being a lyricist with being an entertainer?

K.C – Very good question, I think the lyricist part sticks to delivering the message in the most interesting and intelligent way possible whilst the entertainer part makes sure all other aspects of the music are used to keep the attention of listeners for as long as possible. Its a good balance, sort of how God has to give you what you need and what you want in a manner that is most suitable to the rest of the universe’s harmony.

LSGH: Are You Religious?

K.C – Nope, I’m spiritual. I believe religion separates people, forreal, if you think about it, we are all worshipping one creator we believe is in the sky so why all the divisions and lines drawn to keep people apart? Can’t we all just get along?

LSGH: What does being spiritual mean?

K.C – It means I believe in God and drawing closer to him, worshipping and obeying his will but I don’t confine myself to a sect. I take the good out of each of the doctrines and I listen to my heart too. God is in all of us, if we listen calmly enough, we will hear him and if we whisper from our hearts, He will hear us.

LSGH: That’s an interesting take, so what about Christ?

K.C – I don’t want to say too much or start spreading conspiracies and stuff, so I will just say I believe in one God by whatever name you call him but I am not a Christian although I go to church.

LSGH: What are your short and long-term goals?

K.C – In the short-term I want to be president, in the long-term I want to inspire and change the thought and action patterns of the next 10 generations of Africa.

LSGH: Wow, President? Ok if you were president for 8 years, what will you do?

K.C – Yeah president, I am a citizen and unless the law changes, I will be able to contest in the presidential election in the future. For those eight years, I will reform the educational system, boost agriculture, established a further decentralized form of governance where communities will be responsible for their own development and fuel an industrial revolution. The rest will be in my manifesto (laughs)

LSGH: Any dream collaborations?

K.C – Yeah, will love to work with Daddy Lumba, Hugh Masekela, Salif Keita, Asa, Nneka, Wizkid, Lagbaja, Frank Ocean, Ed Sheeran, Drake, Future, Lauryn Hill, and the list will probably go on.

LSGH: Random question, what’s your biggest regret in life so far?

K.C – well it’s very big but I’ve learnt to live with it and that is all you get (laughs).

***End of Conversation***

Well we hope to get Kojo Cue again for some more chat. Dont forget to check out his songs on the website… Get his new mixtape below…

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